Suggestion: The New Station Building

Hello pilots, and ccp.

A new idea to make stations awesome (coming from an alliance member).
Stations have sections, and they can be swapped out with cosmetic variations. Potentially selling them on the eve store for more variation options. Keeping in mind that a built station module for refining ore, is no different then the one on the store out side of its graphics / cosmetics.

Doesn’t this already exist in the form of Service Modules? or are you saying something more cosmetic in nature?

Adding option to the store by plex is questionable for usable items. Things like extractors have a place there, ships and modules do not. This ends up pushing a pay 2 win narrative, which I do not believe is desired (even if Eve is more of a pay 2 lose narrative by nature. Better to add faction bpc drops (could replace faction pos modules?) and let players build them.


where do you guys come up with this nonsense?

Putting the station parts/modules on the eve star for sell (for plex, or what ever the game currency is) no one said anything about storing plex in a station.

that’s not what I meant. I mean that selling modules and parts on the eve store (and thus paying with plex) is questionable. Reason is it tends to be viewed as pay 2 win.


Not to mention break the idea that players build and destroy items.

By the light!
Are you so primitive that you cannot get that this is a COSMETIC suggestion?

Holy Light!
by all the amarr empire, I must resist the temptation to shoot you with lasorz


Then why did you call it a module in your OP?

No one’s fault but your own here.

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BY the light, because stations have modules and rigs

#face palm

These lesser race scum… so primitive they cannot understand the superior intellect of their overlords and masters

Replying to this is not one of the more rational things to do, but what Eve player doesn’t court trouble from time to time.

Ideas do not exist in any observable form by virtue of any of their inherent properties. Only you can see your own ideas with perfect clarity. To give form to ideas, we invented language. Language relies on words having a generally agreed upon meaning. You used the following words:

That I’m aware of, T3 cruisers don’t have any cosmetic modules, so it is difficult to see the proposed idea as being only cosmetic.

Here you speak of ‘more options for plex’ but don’t mention any details of what those options are. The word ‘cosmetic’ does not appear anywhere in your original post. I don’t think it’s fair to blame people for not understanding what you meant, in this case.

I shudder to think how many good ideas might have been forgotten because of poor diplomacy or an unwillingness to patiently explain to others what that idea is. Communication is a bridge, of sorts, and building a bridge takes some effort. Is your idea worth that effort? I think it’s fair to say that if you aren’t willing to put forth that effort, there are few others who would be willing to take up that mantle for you.

  • If people have questions about your idea, answer them.
  • If people misunderstand your idea, politely correct them.
  • If people have concerns about your idea, listen to and address them.
  • If people have their own ideas, consider them with the same courtesy you want them to consider yours.

It is not a guarantee your idea would be accepted, but people have strong tendencies to be more patient and tolerant of an idea presented according to the above guidelines. People are more likely to treat you well if you treat them well.


what a minute :thinking:

If they are PURELY cosmetic, then I don’t see a problem with them even if they are in the New Eden Store for PLEX. BUT, if they have non-cosmetic bonuses (such as when you stated t3 cruisers), this would be a problem.

Please Note: T3 Cruiser Subsystems do change the appearance, but they ALSO change what bonus the ship will have.

that was my fault, apologies.

the idea is mainly for cosmetic reasons, but obviously station modules have bonus’s. i am not advocating they should be any different, i am advocating that there could be two, one for sale one note (like skins) that do the same thing. Both providing 10% better refining on ore, for example but having a different look.

the store part of this idea is to help generate income and creativity.

As stated before, if they are in the NES they CANNOT have bonuses (so to prevent a Pay2Win atmosphere). The idea is fine, just not having them available in the Store.

Now if you are trying to make one for the store, may I suggest: adding a SKIN slot to the structure and then just having a SKIN for said modules in the store.

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So if I use Ore skin then I have refining bonus, if I use Kalakkiota skin I got production bonus, correct?

I would just like to point out a middle ground where a player manufactured item is used in combination with an item from the NES to manufacture a cosmetically enhanced module.


Station modules give bonus’s. Its totally ok if there is two version with the same bonus’s, and different graphics.

Station module 1: 10% Refine bonus. Concord graphic (store)
Station module 2: 10% refine bonus, Gallente graphics (built)

No, however a solution has been presented above:

Store: Gallente Graphics blueprint for station module (working like the old SKINS that you had to manufacture to obtain a SKIN’ed product)

Blueprint materials required … Structure

This, this could work

skins for stations are good idea’s, but i am thinking more model based to change it completely, providing literally thousands of combinations of stations.

So basically its modules you are free to play with and make your own Lego Station set available.

yes exactly,