[Proposal] AT ships for $$$

Hello dear space friends ,

Wouldn’t be great if we could get AT ships with $$$ ? Real $$$, not PLEX.

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Why not ? It will benefit CCP and the players , more money for them to improve our game and servers.

As the person proposing the idea, the burden is on you to show why. It’s not the burden of others to show why not.

[citation needed]

[citation needed]

You can do this by just buying PLEX from them already.

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You are slow.

99% sure this is a troll post, but just in case:


Current PLEX sales and trade mechanics keep asset generation in-game where it belongs. This idea for pay-to-win mechanics would drive away a significant portion of the playerbase as their literal years of efforts are rendered pointless by direct asset sales from CCP. This would literally kill what EVE is by removing the ‘player driven’ aspect of asset acquisition and trade.


How is this pay to win ? I’m just paying for a ship hull . What’s wrong with that ?

Buying assets directly from the developers for real money is, by definition, pay-to-win.

Buying PLEX that you can trade to other players for those assets is different - the transaction doesn’t create new assets (ISK, modules, ship hulls, etc), it only shuffles them around between players.

The former generates new game-affecting resources with no associated in-game effort - thus, paying to skip having to play the game to get an asset normally obtained through work.

The latter requires a player to still make an effort to acquire the resources of the game, but allows players to exchange them with each other for vouchers (PLEX) that can be redeemed for game time or many non-game-affecting assets like SKINs or apparel.

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I disagree , there is no need for 3rd party .

You disagree on what, exactly? There are multiple points in my statement.

I disagree with everything that you said. You have the wrong mindset , this can happen when you are indoctrinated by the toxic Eve community.

So it is not paying to win, even though that is the classic definition of a pay to win mechanic? That’s a factual assertion, not a personal opinion; disagreeing with facts doesn’t tend to work out well.

Your facts are outdated. The gaming world is changing.

Please provide proof of your claim.

The proof is my wallet.

Your wallet is not proof of the definition of pay to win.

You are slow too, end of discussion.

Ad hominem isn’t a valid debate mechanic. If you want to propose a change, explain the benefits to the community and back them up with data.


I have explained the benefits, both CCP and players will benefit , as simply there will be more money for CCP to invest in developing and improving the game for us.
Is it that hard for you to make a judgement ?

You are a communist and I don’t like communism, there is a reason why communism collapsed.

You have said what you think will be a benefit, based on the belief that CCP will make more money selling ship hulls directly vs selling PLEX that players can trade for ISK and acquire whatever hull or other objects they desire.

The former requires CCP to set and maintain prices for a variety of objects that are currently priced based on player-driven market considerations - one of the massive draws of EVE Online being that player-driven environment. So CCP would have to interfere with said market, or do away with it entirely, to actually sell ships for cash.

This would negatively impact subscriptions - the #1 source of game revenue - as industrialists, traders, and miners collectively quit due to the loss of value in their efforts.

So… where is the revenue increase to CCP for selling ship hulls directly?