Buy Your own ship

Hi all
I have an idea to get more players to eve, and more profitableto You guyz, probably.
Here is my idea: If your an alpha and dont want to be omega be Delta :smiley: ( suggest)
Buy your own ship and fly it
This means u are aplha but u can drive higher category ships ( mine is 1 of the amarr carriers) is this has anykind of major problems whit the skills? i mean learning the skills just the basics for that ship fly it use it but not use out 100%
Is this possible?
Thank you

So; let me see if I got this right…

You want to buy a ship with irl money - be able to use this advanced pay2win ship forever - aslong as you don’t blow it up?

First reaction, seems kinda silly. When I think about it though, in the world of eve where nowhere is safe - it might be a way to recycle the AT ships :slight_smile:

Mechanically though it would be hard to balance this out between blatant pay2win and an actual scam… but seeing as how CCP has no problems selling starting packs, so why not? Though, I still think a better way to monetize things is to be alot smarter with skins, and combine them with alliance/corp stuff.

a couple things that i dont understand: 1. irl money? what that means
2. AT ship? what that means
If only just skins, than the whole amarr repertoir, if i write it down correctly
as long as it blowned up ofcourse
Thank you
oh and what about the lonl wolfs ?

IRL money means real life money (InRealLife), AT ships mean Alliance Tournament - limited edition ships. Yes I’m thinking selling one type of skin as one skin, and you can apply them to all applicable ships. Being able to repackage and selling them might also help with the more exotic skins. Right now the biggest reason there is much action in the skin market is because of value versus plex and it makes for a nice alternative speculation asset.

But I digress.

I can tell english is not your first language - did you mean to say: Build your own ship?

If so, ur post makes a tad bit more sense, but then my answer would just be no… :wink:

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thank you for the expanded answer in this thing. it helped me a lot. Im Hungarian, not hungry :smiley: so im sorry for some misspelling or writing. Not build, buy it, but building hmmm thats a good idea never thinked on that.hmmm, hmmm taste good. If i can help you and make this idea profitable to cc"c"p :smiley: than im in! somehow :P.

Buy a ship for real money? Already in game. You buy plex then convert it to ISK in game.
Be able to fly it as an Alpha? Buy plex in lots of 500 and pay for your account that way. However, it would be cheaper to simply pay a monthly subscription

i know, but for longer times, i asume its cheaper to buy 1 ship and learn that capabilities than pay out a fortune for those ship that i dont want to fly.

And as I mentioned: you can already do that: buy plex, spend it in game. But if you want to fly anything bigger than a cruiser as an Alpha clone: no, sub like the big boys to play with the big boy toys.

For how much? Omega is $10/month. if $10/month is more than you can afford, are you really going to buy ships for real life cash?

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Alphas can fly one battlecruiser, the Gnosis, because it has very simple minimum skill requirements. They won’t get all the capabilities from it because of the limits for Alpha skill training, and a Gnosis costs approx. 1.5 times as much as a main empire T1 battlecruiser, but if a player wants to fly something bigger than a cruiser as an Alpha, they do have one option open to them, the Gnosis.


I HATE THAT SHIP. Its ugly. its … But i dont have any choise :confused:Thanks for everyone

I am rather partial to the Gnosis myself. Maybe if the SoCT had a BS and carrier you could use… just as ugly too. :laughing:

Yeah granted, SoCT is Jovian technology but I wouldn’t mind his idea of an in between with a reasonable drawback such as a clone state where I can only fly subcapitals

Great idea, there are not enough carriers ratting in Null at this moment. We should make it more easy. :confused: