Can we please reseed skins?

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Is it all possible to reseed the skins in eve? The reason I ask, is because the pickings are pretty slim now. There are only a couple of skins remaining for most ships, and the ones that do remain are obviously the ones the no one wants - myself included. Some of them just look yucky, ya know? I can barely ever get any skins I want, for any ships.

Secondly, I run a bunch of accounts and I obviously like to train for new ships on all, and I would really like to be able to make my little fleet of ships match, visually, but it’s hardly ever possible. This is becoming a very limiting factor concerning what I can or will do in the game, for me personally.

Some people might think this is silly, but I’m sure there are others who would love to be able to do the same for their accounts, or even fleets who want to represent.

It’s frustrating and makes me sad, lol. Personally, I think some skins look great, and others quite… meh, and there is very little middle ground. Obviously, all of the nice ones no longer exist. I’d even go as far as buying them with real cash, if I could see way to do it.

GM Boosted recommended I post this here and bring it up with CSM, and says he understands the predicament.

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Okay, I’m not saying that they shouldn’t do it, I’m just throwing some things out to consider.

First, FOMO is a powerful motivator. And it has likely helped CCP to sell a lot of skins. Of course, I’m sure they can figure out ways for this to actually increase their revenue. For example, some companies bring things in and out of “the vault” in order to trigger FOMO, limit how much their products compete with one another, and also keep giving customers opportunities to purchase their products.

Second, a lot of skin speculators will get pissed off at this idea. However, I have about 20 bil invested in skins, and am not opposed to the idea. For one, I’m sure I could still make money, and two, it’s called SPECULATION. We are not owed a profit, and CCP should do what is best for their bottom line, the game, and for the player base as a whole. Of course, CCP probably shouldn’t reseed any skins that they explicitly said that they would never release again. However, everything else should be fair game in my book.

Third, it would be nice if at least some of the skins were made available through in-game activities, instead of just all being putting on the NES.

And on a related topic, it would be nice if we could get more skins that actually look good. I don’t like knocking people’s work, but how the hell are players making better skins than the professionals? Don’t get me wrong, CCP has released some skins that I do really like. But it’s amazing how many range from “okay” to “ugly” when some players are knocking it out of the park.

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I agree with most of what you said, and those player skins are pretty sick. I have also been wondering who actually makes some of the in-game skins, because… ewwww! Sure, if they were limited time/event skins, can’t argue, but the rest of should definitely be fair game, and there certainly could be much nicer skins, such as these that you’ve posted. Honestly, I would just like a bit more choice, rather than have to choose from the ugly scraps that most players don’t want. :ok_hand:

I was looking to get some SKINS, but they are all overpriced or non-existent. What is the point of having a product that is not readily available on the market? As you pointed out, you couldn’t even buy them with real money if you wanted to. They simply don’t (or rather, might as well not) exist.

On a side note, it would be nice if each faction had SKINS available in their LP stores. These SKINS would not be permanent and would require a certain amount of standing to use. Perhaps it could be that the larger the ship size the higher the standing requirement.


I would like to see re-issues of most skins, yes.


Well, please help us make it happen Brisc Rubal CSM… I have a lot of critique concerning CCP as a 2006 player, but we can start with skins. :slight_smile:

The funniest CCP decision is to offer some skins only as free login rewards.


But do they really need to remove some skins from the player market entirely?

And I don’t mean there are no orders up I mean the item cannot be listed on the market for many skins.

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“The funniest CCP decision is to offer some skins only as free login rewards.”

And they expire, so what’s the point? -.-

Some skins also only come from live events and the proving grounds. It incentivizes players to login, and engage with the content when necessary -which I’m sure is what CCP intended. Plus, it becomes something cool for the players that were there/earned them. You can’t buy them -you, at the very, least had to be there, and possibly even earn them.

Also, just to be clear, the unique skins (i.e. the ones you get from things like Minmatar Liberation Day) are permanent once you’ve applied them to a character. Only the skins that you get from the daily login rewards are temporary.
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If only they could just focus on making the content itself engaging…

I frequently see players with respond with that sentiment, and I don’t really get it. I mean, it’s kind of like saying, “why advertise? They should focus on making a good product?”

Well, it’s because companies usually benefit from both. And doing one, does not preclude them from doing the other. Now, we can debate whether or not they are actually succeeding in making fun and engaging content, but they are still trying… for now at least.

Anyway, there are a lot of games out there competing for player attention and money, and many of them are using FOMO tactics to give themselves an edge. So, it’s probably not the worst idea for CCP to have a response for what’s going on in the wider industry.
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Every blue moon they sneak a permanent one in there. Or so the legend says.

What does “FOMO” stand for?

Fear of Missing Out

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