Petition for CCP to re-release the Cordite Blossom SKINs for at least a full 24-hour period

I would like to see CCP allow another full 24-hour period of availability for the Cordite Blossom SKINs on the New Eden Store.

I will be up-front and honest in that I did not have time to acquire any of these SKINs via the NES, and as a result will have to contend with the market to purchase my skins. This is an obstacle that I will overcome regardless, in one way or another.

However, I am more disappointed that CCP has once again underestimated our community, and in doing so, prevented large swathes of that community from helping to donate towards a very good cause.

There are huge numbers of families across the world touched by cancer in one way or another. On a personal note, my family has seen a number of members succumb to various forms of cancer. This impact was lessened by members of our family’s community coming together and supporting those people who needed it most.

To address the passing of CCP Mankiller, the fact that I was unable to aid the family of a notable community member in a direct way, especially given the hugely relatable way in which they passed, was disappointing to me.

As a result, I am hereby petitioning CCP to open another fundraiser for CCP mankiller via the PLEX market, to allow individuals not primarily in EU timezones to provide funds to that fundraising effort. The simplest way I can see is to reintroduce the SKINS to the NES for a set period of time, hence the title of this thread. However, I would donate PLEX to any other fundraiser if CCP were to organise something to that effect. I sincerely hope CCP can take into account the large number of people who were unable to contribute to this fundraising due to timezone issues.

EDIT: This was posted to r/eve as well, and can be found here:


Hello There!

The real reason this skin was limited was because this is to help with burial expenses, not help the family live like a Rockstar. CCP knows its community is super helpful and put the limit in place.

You are right they underestimated how fast they would sell out. I am sure they didnt account for the one guy that bought a good 1/4 of them for himself. lol.

I don’t wish to judge CCP for their choices regarding what the funds are intended for. Helping out in any way, shape or form will be a positive action on their part. However, they could have earmarked the first 20k USD for burial expenses and donated the rest of the profits to charities of the family’s choosing. I firmly believe this is a mistake on CCP’s part through their consideration of the community, and I hope they offer the rest of the community an opportunity to contribute in some form.

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ccp values and respects it playerbase. wait for the next “plex for relief” event. Than it will be a big everyone can participate. this one even said limited time, exclusive, once sold out, never to be released again…

they knew what they were doing.

You know, if you guys really want to help someone or something, you don’t have to wait until CCP opens a fundraiser.

There are a lot of organizations out there, who are very and truly grateful for every donation, 365 days a year, wherever you live.

So if you really have the urge to help, look for a good cause by your self and help them. Sometimes it doesn’t even need money to do so.


WHAAAAAAT! Such a pretty SKIN and such a good cause and it available only at the patch day when people dont even bother playing or logging because of bugs. CCP, you crazy? :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Rerelease that SKIN CCP! Make another fundraiser for family.

CCP Mankiller worked towards pretty spaceship and this SKIN is like the finishing touch on his work, he deserves more for all that work!!! o7

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say thanks to this guy:


Great Job CCP. Skins are great and for a great cause.


Could have at least let it go for 24hrs.

Buying them for isk from someone profiteering from a memorial skin just seems too wrong, even for a game like EVE.


I like your idea of keeping it open for at least long enough to post that it is going down, it would have saved my buying Plex to donate. Or if the response is great , like this one was, extend it.

This one guy bought nearly 30% of the available skins(or more if that is not the full extent of his purchase). Nice gesture and I applaud him for that.

Pity about the rest of us though.

Not very well thought out by CCP, but that is hardly surprising.


I agree it wasnt up…went to bed …woke up saw the message and went to buy and gone…should have been a limit on one skin each of type to one account…but then players with 30 accounts wouldn’t have stopped the buyout before the rest of us could contribute

Poorly implemented poorly thought out for the majority of the players…nice gesture to passing of a valued staff member just screwed up application of the gesture.

Think your weekly meeting should be an ass kicking on thoughtlessness


I really enjoy donating my spacemoney for good causes, but this time I don’t feel like I made any difference, because the donation cap was going to be hit whether or not I bought any. I bought some for my ship, and I bought some for speculation, but I don’t feel good about it - the way I did with blaze skins, or plex4good - because I can’t say “more money went to the family because of my purchases.” They were gonna get that 20k whether or not I did anything.

So, CCPlease: re-open this, and un-cap it. Maybe use different hulls to not screw anyone who bought in on the first round as a speculation buy, I guess. Would love to see this skin for the ishtar and some t1 battleships anyway.


Yes I’m sort of on the on the same page as Dirk and Halleflux.
I bought the Blaze skins when they were posted to do some good.
I just bought PLEX just to buy the skins becuase the post wasn’t up last night.
Store is sold out and now the corporate machine gets the RMT iskies.
That’s just not right.
Even if you can’t post the skins because of the 20 thou rule ,fine, then at least CCP should provide a route to make a plex donation to square things up. It really wasn’t about the skins anyway.

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Please re-open this, Let the EvE Community show his family the love we feel for the game and its creators/contributors!! (timeframe like 24hrs would be vastly superior to a hard cash limit.

I have to agree, the execution was not great. Some of the SKINs look really good (Punisher and Slasher are my favorites), a lot of people would buy them, but they cant because of the limit.

If the 20k $ limit is because of some legal or tax restrictions, make the SKINs cheaper, i.e. 20 PLEX, so that more people can enjoy them.

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Between how the EvE store is run and how skins are run, where both seem to be in extremely limited supply of anything, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

It must be some of that European thinking.

These SKINs are not going to be re-released for any time period.

As stated in the blog, they were a one off and are now retired.

Closing this thread, as the question has been answered.