I was thinking of retiring from the game

I love this- seriously, this is a wonderful way to go out if you’re really wanting to leave.

Fly safe wherever you may wind up.


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Retiring or taking multiboxing to the next level… That’s the question for OP here :slight_smile:

But surely a good use for your ISK. What do you plan to do with it? Sponsoring Eve University a new Outfit for their fleets or just blow it up?

jet can your stuff in noob systems or have a fire sale in JITA


lol - nicely done, OP!

Nex Store officially Sold Out of the skins today.

Nice work! Fly Safe / Enjoy your next Adventure.

Hey man that is truly awesome what you did and Im sure that guys family really appreciated it. Im a skin collector and didn’t get my chance to get them so im pretty envious. I assume youve been playing EVE for a long time and I was wondering if there was someway I could hook up with you to ask you some questions about your EVE experience. Its just something I do because I like learning about peoples different experiences in EVE. My discord is Guardian OTW #3070

Hope to hear from you soon

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I feel quite conflicted here.

The OP has contributed to a cause I would support no matter what. But they have also contributed to huge parts of the community not being able to engage with this. A large part is CCP not engaging properly here, but community spirit would and should be a huge consideration. OP, I hope you feel happy with your choice.


I think it depends on what you’re planning to do with the SKINSs. Hitting the mark so quickly was great, but if it means that no one will ever be able to fly these SKINs, I think you’re taking the intended memory part away, which would be sad.

You should spread them out to others, who’ll use them.


Wow, that’s incredible dude - Thanks so much :heart:


Are you planning to sell or give away the SKINs? It would be a shame if thousands of these pretty SKINs would just collect dust on some inactive account. They should be used.


To each their own and it’s not like I’m poor or anything but if you grind THAT hard and make something as boring as isk your goal, yeah you’re going to burn out.

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The fact that anyone thinks this person is actually retiring is laughable. This is nothing more than an attempt to show that they have a larger back account and will be profiting from this. The goal was going to be hit no matter what. Great cause for a great guy. RIP CCP Mankiller

However Much like the real world this great art work will only be accessible to those with massive bank accounts. Profiting Ingame off a charity fundraiser. Congrats I guess.

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i find it great
even if he return later, the skins continue to worth something (cross finger)
anyways bye bye and have fun IRL

Did you leave, or not.

Yeah, stuff any other timezone other than EU. Nice Job CCP. Up to your usual level of competence.

Matches the community’s usual level of entitlement tho.

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I dont get it. If hes bought the skins using isk, (yeah someone has previously bought anyway) how is this donating real money to the cause if hes not purchasing the PLEX directly and buying it that way?

Good job tho. Really wish i could of got some myself! <3

Since it’s in his redeem items tab, he must’ve bought the skins with plex

That’s why there were none available today when I logged in to get a set of them. :frowning: