Time to say good bye

Hello to all after all most 10 years of play eve is time to park this game for good.
When i start to play eve game was fun and rewarding now is wallet fest, selling ships that required no SP is not for me i spend years to fly ships and years to skill SP industry now if u put your wallet out u can fly any ship and do any think.
I do not pay 10 Euro/ month to play a game where the size of the RL wallet matters. in the last 2 years this game has transform from a amazing game in to a shopping application every where i click in eve now has a buy button.

Thank you very much to the EVE community o/ i will miss u guys

Shame on u CCP u sell your soul for money. Enjoy your online store application


You can always run an emulator to play games with that 90’s feel.

Perhaps a Raspberry Pi.

You sub’d an industry account then complain about monetisation ? Ok cya later, .


Can I have some of your stuff before you go? I will share it with my friends. We need financial support for funding our fleet, we only have like a few million each. Your help would be really appreciated. thanks so much!!!

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Good bye.

You know CCP is a business and needs to make money to upkeep the game right?


All good things come to an end and it is a bittersweet feeling I’ve come across on many MMOs. I wish you all the best in your gaming pursuits and hope you find something that once again captures your heart like EVE first did 10 years ago.


Will OP ever reply to this or argue his feelings and opinions. No. I wish he did it would be great to see why the way he feels to act this way.

10 Euro a month is itself enough to buy a new PC over the 10 years you have played.


Welcome to the community, Gheazu.

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Hello, New Poster!

Goodbye, new poster.

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I don’t know much about player dynamics in EVE, but if my experiences with FPSes are any indication, you’ll be back in 3 months since you bothered to make an “I’m leaving” post (although perhaps your alts will not come back). It’s also entirely possible other people with the same frustrations as you are leaving and not coming back. Especially with those games where it is difficult to change your playername (like for those games with an ELO rating), it’s easy to see those who post an “i’m leaving” post come back in a few months. The people who do leave for good do so quietly, often even the regulars they play with don’t know. Their buddy says they’ll be taking a break, like they did many times before. No one realizes the leaver, perhaps even the leaver himself didn’t realize when he told his buddies, the break was permanent. Ironically, while the people making “I’m leaving” posts nearly always come back, sometimes their complaints overlap with those who quitly leave, never to come back.


Give me your ISK and I promise you it will go to a purpose decreasing player base.

They don’t need to ruin the game to it’s core to make RL ISK


Get lost.

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2000’s ← Today → 2030’s

Eve of 2000’s isn’t suitable for 2030’s market.

How long did they estimate it might have life left in it? 5 years?

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We could argue how ISK is easier to obtain with $$$ now. Sadly CCP needs ways to keep afloat it includes driving plex sales/subscription sales and other methods to stay afloat. In EVE there are areas in the game were you can make stupid amounts of money if you put in the hard work. t6 abyssal,C6 WH sites, trading, more people recently are now multiboxing incursions in HS today. **Billions/hr! Way more than anyone can finance with RL wallet. **
I will always frown Apon credit card warriors who fund everything in EVE with $$$. Credit card warrior ISK is a small fraction of what the elite trillionaires and billionaires +500bil are doing today.

In the end as @Emotional_Support_Clown said EVE’s market/business plan from 2000 is not suitable in 2022 and even in 2022 the plan will be vastly different from 2030 and beyond.
It’s hard for many to see the situation CCP is in as a business and many only get half the picture I feel.

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I, too, like to tell everyone when I am going away. It helps my ego to know that everyone knows that I am leaving.