Disconnect between CCP and the customer base

After the recent GM week, which was then followed by the Cordite Blossom skin fiasco (yes, I know you said they were limited supply, but how hard is it to limit them to a 24 hour time window and thus available to the entire playerbase; any ‘dontations’ via skin purchase beyond the initial goal can be donated to a charity of the family’s choosing) it seems that CCP finds it inconvenient to engage with the community outside of office horus…

How does this mesh with the pronounced goal of “reach(ing) more people in Korea and the Asian Market in general with EVE.” The GM team at least acknowledged their oversight in scheduling, and made an adaptation by the end of the week. Does CCP realize that ‘it’s happening until it’s over’ type events are just as inaccessible to the Asian Market as they are the North American, or pretty much anyone in the southern hemisphere?

*In before ‘this is just a rant because you didn’t get any Cordite skins’. I purchased all 8, and learned them all. It felt tacky to try to speculate off a tragic event like this. I guess congratulations to everyone profiting off of real world death.


They didn’t want to have too much of a drain in real life curency so they caped it at a reasonable value to real life money.There’s alot of stockpiled plex around the game only CCP know how much it’s worth in real money.Would CCP as a business not hurt itself just a little if players bought skins of half a mil ion dollars or more?If 10 employees died in a year how much profit would CCP lose total?

You might have a point, if not for the mountain of precedent with regards to events like this: the blaze skin, and in particular every Plex for Good disaster relief fundraiser.

CCP has stated they are not hurting financially, so it is dishonest to say they have an issue losing out on profit from plex already in game, given their track record.

But they have goals to meet now since PA takeover and every cent counts.As for the skins a sensible counteroption would’ve been a hard cap on number of skins for each ship bought per character

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Only an Eve-player would make this into an issue…

The PLEX for good -programs and Blaze-fundraiser were for limited time and unlimited money, meaning they were trying to collect as much money as possible for the cause of each fundraiser.

This last was for a fixed amount of money with unlimited time. Meaning they had a goal when they set this up and players managed to fill that goal in a short time.

The only way some moron would consider this a fiasco, is if they were only in it to get the skins. If you are complaining because you REALLY wanted to help but couldn’t, then maybe ask CCP if there is a charity you could donate to for example.

Reaching the target in such a short time was a good thing. It’s not a fiasco or a conspiracy. If you are mad that you weren’t able to take part in this one fundraiser, you need to sit down and think about the meaning of charity.

Hint: It’s not about you…


I have spotted a player in Jita selling them overpriced on contract, and this same player made a post defending CCP decision. This same player even liked Falcon’s post about not reintroducing these SKINs.

NEXT TIME CCP, make it cost 10 PLEX so everyone could buy as much as he likes, and everyone will get some. You will get your cash without making players look like greedy, inhumane nerds with boner for in game cash. But maybe that is what you like to do, making them look like that. :thinking:

Also dont say that is limited, so people will not buy bulks. Its like a red cape for a bull. EVERYONE BUY NAO!

End the sell when it is time to end it. Additional income could just go to the CCP, after you get as much money as is declared.

Also cited from that character’s post:

ccp values and respects it playerbase.



Yet it is. It is about myself and every other human being that was time zone tanked out of being able to participate,

It is about CCP’s recurring ability to engage with the playerbase outside of office hours. My original question stands (and the skin event was just a supporting argument). How does CCP engage the Korean/Asian market, a big talking point with regards to Pearl Abyss, when all the attention paid by CCP is outside their time zone?

You and everyone else complaining is an entitled ass then.

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Charity drives aren’t for your behalf. They are for people this money is being collected for. It is pretty common to see fundraising with a specific monetary goal - say a new building or equipment or whatever might be required at that moment. Too late to participate? Well, don’t feel bad - you should be glad the people in need received what they needed most.


OOOhh, the Schadenfreude i feel. Its wonderful that Americans finally get a dose of their own medicine. Usually European players get the short end of the stick because most gaming companies are in the USA, which means that live giveaways and limited sales are sometime around 3am for Europeans.

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Please pay respect to CCP Mankiller in this thread like a gamer would. His work allowed us see pretty speceships every day. We dont have to be excluded from paying respect by CCP not allowing to spend PLEX in his honor. We can do it how we want it without CCP dictating limits.

F o7


You are winging about SKINs. Srsly…

Strong word for it. I’d call it a “thing”, or just shrug and ignore a non-issue.

You know who actually profits from this real world death? The family who received the proceeds. Eve != Real life.

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Just so you know, Pearl Abyss doesn’t talk to their customers, at all. CCP is just following its new owners protocol.

Which is why it’s ridiculous to have put a limit on how many could be bought. “Hey Mr. Mankiller’s family, we’re gonna sell skins ( that your husband/father gave us the ability to make in the first place, mind you ) to raise money for you! But we’re only gonna allow you $20k, regardless of how much you could have had!”

No in-game reasons, no. What about taxation laws?

Or just maybe, it was something that the family asked for?

For CCP it wouldn’t have mattered, as the lawyers would already have it wrangled as a “charitable donation” or “business expense” or some such before they even did it. For the family, I don’t know. I’m unfamiliar with Icelandic law pertaining to receiving charitable donations. However, you will note they did not put a limit on how many skins could be sold for CCP Blaze.

That’s just it… are there limits on charitable donations? Remember as well that this was from the NES and not directly for cash. This is different from other skin sales.

I’ve no notion of what Icelandic tax law is; I just expect that it is why they did what they did how they did it.

Remember they did one for CCP Blaze and there was no sales limit on those skins, only a time limit. Which was also only from the NES.