Besides Events and the Store, why do some SKINs flood the market wayyyy below Store prices?

Question says it all. Example: Spectral Shift SKINs. They’re not drops that I know of anywhere, nor were they given out in an Event. The ISK-equivalent price in the store is roughly 800+ million.

Yet all three Spectral Shift skins have flooded the market at less than 1% that price.

That’s not panic selling - no way. Not hundreds of orders for < 1% of store price. And buying bundles and ditching the "unwanted"s doesn’t make sense either.

The only way I see this happening is if there is a source of “free” SKINs somewhere, and folks tapped it, and then are selling for modest profit.

So besides Events and the Store, what are possible sudden influxes of certain SKINs into the market? (I haven’t followed SKINs historically - I find them very interesting from a market perspective.)

I think CCP may sometimes have sales on SKINs and then the price will go back up again. It wouldn’t be at 1% of price though.

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looking at the price history the prices tanked back in feb of this year. that also coincides with a humble bundle 50% discount on galaxy packs that came with the spectral shift skins. I believe that was the first big galaxy pack sale so a LOOOOOOT of people jumped on it. (galaxy packs can only be purchased once per acct, so with each subsequent galaxy pack sale fewer people can buy them).

so you had a massive influx of effectively free spectral shift skins back in feb, couple that with what looks to be fairly low demand compared to the supply. and you end up with their dirt low prices. its also unlikely to change anytime soon, since many people are sitting on stockpiles of them that will keep pushing the prices down any time they start to go up again.

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Thank you 100 times over. You have no idea how refreshing it is to get an informed opinion that makes sense, rather than nonsensical speculation I have received elsewhere.

Plus, i learned about Galaxy Packs - never heard of those before.

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