Not happy with the skin situation

If CPP is providing all the skins in limited numbers, then it’s not fair to let players horde them and jack the prices on them so only the rich can afford them… All the decent skins are either ridiculously priced or unavailable… I think if CCP is not going to allow players to manufacture them, then all of them should be made available in the store at reasonable prices…

EvE isn’t fair. HTFU


Skins in general are crap.

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There are couple of skins I would like to purchase but I am not paying isk for them. I would rather support CCP directly then a player but most of the skin I would like to have are not on the market in game or in the new eden store.



This is by design, the market is player driven and objects of limited supply demand a premium in every market category.


Creepy… Which movie? :slight_smile:

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Ya skins are a bit wierd. Based mostly on Plex it seems. Less on game play. Would love to see a better Balance.

People will horde and attempt to make a profit on anything they perceive as rare or perceived as rare by other people.

That being said with all the events over just the past year you should be able to find a decent priced skin that doesn’t look horrible.

Of course the best looking skins will probably only come from Plex, but what do you expect, they need to get paid.


Very few skins are number limited. Most are time limited. Which is quite different.
Still if they price too high no one buys so they cant push too far and ccp can release a skin again making someone’s stockpile crash in value

It seems nobody said #nopoors yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe you’re better off there.

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It is not fair evidently. If you are looking for fair I recommend Folsom Street. :ok_hand:

Skins are not necessary…

They could be removed and the game would still be running.

In fact they SHOULD be removed…no one needs them…we should concetrate on GAME CONTENT not crap.

Skins help CCP pay for the development of EVE and/or the cocaine habit of the directors suite.

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Skins are a nice way for CCP to make more money to keep this game online.
Skins are good rewards from events that do not influence the game economy.
Skins are an easy way to make the game look nicer without wasting much development time on it.

Yes, I agree that more game content is a good thing. But I don’t see that as a reason for CCP to stop creating new skins.

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Uhm. They can be sold on the market. They do haave an impact on the economy.

Its called a monopoly. And its perfectly fair. If you are the only one with an item, you can set the price to whatever you want. if people see that the price is worth the item, they will buy.

CCP did not provide the skins in limited numbers, except one. All the other skins were available for EVERYONE to buy. Most people did not. Some were smart and bought it, and now they are cashing in.

Because they are mostly based on the NEX store, because thats how CCP makes money.

The skins from events usually arent an influence on game economies. Take a look at the Cold Iron skins or the white one.

Okay, you got me there, they do have an impact on the economy. It shuffles ISK from the player with the skin to the player who wants to use the skin (and thereby permanently remove it from the game).

One transaction. Perhaps two if there’s a middle trader. No impact on any industry.

What I meant is that the skins don’t have any impact on the current economy of gathering materials, hauling materials, building stuff from materials, selling the stuff and hauling the stuff again (before someone uses it to blow things up with it, or blows up himself). You know, the economy that makes EVE, EVE. That one is not impacted at all by some skins.