What's up with the lopsided CCP skin control?

Hi… First, I wanted a Paladin Ironblood skin, but there are none available in the game… Second, I noticed that CCP is dumping cheap Paladin Exoplanet Hunter skins on the market while doing nothing to control the price of the Paladin Cold Iron skin and letting the players spiral its price ridiculously out of control… Why isn’t CCP controlling price and availability on all the skins equally???

What made you think CCP is dumping Exoplanets skins to the market?
What made you think all skins should be equally available?



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CCP controls the skin market only insofar as the NES shop. They set the prices there.

The skin prices you see on the ingame, player controlled market are set by players. Supply and demand.

The ingame market for skins is not regulated by CCP.

The Exoplanet Hunter series of skins are a reward for participating in Project Discovery, the citizen science project. The more players who participate, the more skins.


First up, skins are one use items. When someone uses them, they cannot be replaced. Since a lot of skins were the result of events, once those events ended, they were no longer available. If a skin is popular, they run out.

Second, CCP does not dump skins into the market, nor do they change the prices of things they do dump.

Its why all the skillbooks that are dumped by CCP have the same cost. They do not change, ever.

The exoplanet hunter skin is only sold and bought by players. They are, and still can be found in game by the project discovery event, which is still ongoing. This is why they are so cheap. The market has been flooded with this skin.

The Cold iron skin, was from an event that ended a long time ago. Naturally, the skins are being bought and used up, so supply is getting more and more limited. The limited supply is driving up prices.

The eve market is controlled by players, not CCP.


I didn’t know that… Thanks for the info… :slight_smile:


There are lots of Cold Iron skins for Paladin on the market and they’re pretty cheap as such things go: https://market.fuzzwork.co.uk/type/42788/

Though I wouldn’t have expected skins for a Marauder to be a topic in the New Citizen forum!

And I set my anchor quite a bit higher this morning by buying a Sariel’s Flames skin https://market.fuzzwork.co.uk/type/47541/ Puts the price for the Paladin skin in perspective.

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Well, it is a noob question… lol… I just went to my alpha alt in Jita and shows that no Paladin Cold Iron skins are available there… Maybe it won’t let an alpha account see the others on that list you posted…

Crimson harvest event will probably start in a few weeks, I’d guess the iron blood skins will make a comeback given the imperial jubilee skins recently came back.

I hope so… I really like the looks of that skin on the Paladin… Not that anyone else would notice it while they’re trying to gank me… lol…

I’d notice :blush:

I scored my Paladin Cold Iron Skins (3) during the event. I only used one. Wanna buy one of my spares?

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