Place to get SKINS for under hundreds of mil ISK?

Seriously, are the majority of these just intentionally taken out of circulation?

Why are they no longer in circulation for new players to get in a reasonable way, is there a reason of some sort? Just seems really unreasoned out by CCP to remove these. Why put all that dev effort, and artistic resource, into making these, to just literally let them fall out of existence?


They are limited edition assets.

Im sure that every game out there has something like this. WoW has mounts that you can no longer get, etc etc.

They are taken out of circulation because they are only available during those specific events.

If you were playing during those events, you can get them for cheap/free, but once those events are over, you need to pay ISK to get them.

I dont really see the problem here. This sort of thing exists in almost all games. its a “Thank you for playing and participating in this event” from CCP.

Also, some of the skins sometimes do come back during other events that are related. So maybe just wait.

Otherwise, yeah, you shouldve started EVE years ago.

Pretty much this. CCP is looking to make money so they won’t just throw away those skins, they’ll make them available again as a ‘Limited Time Offer’.

Well, he wasnt being very specific so i dont know if hes talking about the event drop loot skins or just regular skins you buy on the NEX store.

Either way, i think the cold iron or the purity white skins came back in the past few events, so they definately do make their way back.

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Exoplanets Hunter skins are available for most ships at very reasonable prices and are quite attractive on the hulls I’ve purchased them for.

CCP’s stated reason for removing older skins from the store was so people looking for new stuff didn’t need to wade through a mountain of old skins to find what they want. The CSM minutes suggest they are rethinking this policy.

I’d like them to offer some of the older skins for isk through the LP stores - could be a decent ISK sink. There are a couple of Raata Sunset skins I’d be willing to buy if the prices were even remotely reasonable!


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