New Eden Store Rotation?

How often do the skins get rotated in the New Eden Store? I am asking because a couple of the skins I would like to have are not on sell in the New Eden Store and are not listed for sell in game on the markets.

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I can’t remember any cases of skins that have been removed from the store ever being re-added. There have been a few cases of previously special release only skins getting added. There may have been one or two bundle specials that I’m forgetting about though.

Really it would depend entirely on the skin you are looking for. With many, if it’s not in the store and it’s not on sale in jita you may just be SOL

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They need to stop the limited edition nonsense with skins unless it’s on incredibly severe occasions like the passing of the Developer.

People want to buy skins that are no longer available, by not having them in the store they lose money, period.


Afaik they only remove skins that haven’t been selling well. And usually put them on a huge sale before hand. So if a skin isn’t on the store or even on the market. Then that generally means the skin was so unpopular that I doubt they care about the couple dollars per year they may loose out on.

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I don’t get why CCP doesn’t make skins that accurately represent certain alliances. It seems like they ignore all the easy money.

Reason given for skin removal was New Eden store was becoming too overcome with skins. So, they are removing old skins to make room for new skins.

As to just unlimited access, CCP is aware that a fair number of people make profits off the limited access of skins, perhaps this is why it is kept as it is.

The alliance skins thing is simple. Favoritism. Ccp has been accused (and proven on at least one occasion) to engage in it. And ever since then they have tried to stay far FAR away from anything that can be directly tied to particular groups. (Tinfoil hat crowd will obviously claim goon favoritism about everything though)

Even the bloody hands of mataar skin was seen by some as playing favorites with ushra’khan.

There has been some suspicions that the alliance banners on citadels (and potentially deployable propaganda style banners) coupled with a few skins that have come out recently featuring banners on the sides. May point to some time “soon” they might be able to release skins that will display whatever alliance the pilot is in. But that’s probably the best we will ever get

I don’t see favoritism as much as I see sales.

I personally don’t side with any major alliance but if I saw a bunch of dinosaur or bee skins I really wouldn’t care. It doesn’t shift any balance and it really at the end of the day is about what sells.

As long as they don’t restrict the sales of alliance themed skins to members of the alliance, I wouldn’t care.

The OP has a point, rotating the items in the NES would definitely net more sales.


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