Quick questions about SKINs and New Eden Store

I haven’t really done much with SKINs before, so I am curious on a couple of things.

  • Does CCP generally display helpful messages in the launcher notifying folks that SKINs will soon be going out of rotation, like they did with the current Octopus Orange and Emergency Response SKINs? Or can they sometimes cycle out without any notice at all?

  • While there’s probably nothing consistent to go on, is there a general amount of time one can generally rely on for a given SKIN or bundle to be available in the store? Or can one SKIN be there for two days only and another for two months?


The past doesn’t really matter insofar as SKIN availability is concerned.

The game has only just changed hands into a much more micro-transaction friendly game company. So your guess is a good as anybody elses as to how the store will be set up in the coming days.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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