Ship Skins

I’ve been away from the game for a few months but I noticed when I came back that there are a LOT of ship skins missing from the store. I always check to see if there’ll be anything new or neat looking and while there are still some new ones the disappearance of a lot of skins worries me. (the same way going to your favorite pet store and seeing most of the shelves getting emptier and emptier might worry you)

Anybody KNOW (not your personal theories but actual posts from CCP) why CCP did this?

Seems to me there are enough judging only by how much one has got to scroll to get to the bottom.

SKINs appear to be seasonal items. Old ones get shifted out, new ones enter into it. What isn’t on offer may still be available in the game, but when not then you’ve missed the chance. It gives SKINs a rarity opposed to being a mass product, and it avoids creating the “Drake-like” SKIN - the one SKIN everybody flies around with.

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My personal theory is, CCP removed them from the store to increase their revenues: Dev blog: Changes Coming To The New Eden Store With The March Release


To increase revenue. it’s that simple. When CCP states that a particular skin is going to be removed from the store, what’s the first two things that happen? Everyone rushes to buy that particular skin, and those who already have it stockpiled jack up the price.

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Thank you for the link - that’s exactly what I was looking for.


You will probably find most of these SKINs on market now. People were buying them for cheap in promotions when they were removed.

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