Selling Ship Skins for Cash?

Has CCP given any thought to selling skins for cash? Personally I would like to have every skin available for sale through the shop. I would pay something like $2.99 or whatever a skin…instead of 5 billion ISK. Most people wont buy them because the price converted into plex is about 1200 plex ($45), which is just absurdly expensive for a vanity item. I can afford it but I wouldn’t that price for it, on general principle, ISK or $$.

  • Frigate skins - $1
  • All the way to titan skins for $10

Skins bought through the shop cannot be resold and are redeemed into the account that bought it so they cannot contribute to the player’s ISK bank in any way.

Right now, there are at least 10 skins I would buy with cash (up to a price).

From a financial perspective, I think it would bring CCP a good amount of revenue and also provide people with stuff they want to get at a very reasonable cost. For young players, short on cash, who plex their accounts, they would rather pay ISK for the skins, which is fine but… For most players over the age of 30, its much much easier and far less time consuming to get $100 than get that same equivalent in ISK. Im short on time and long on cash, but up to a point - I would NOT pay $40 for a skin :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why would CCP sell you a skin for $1 when they can sell the same skin for $10? That is like suggesting a lower monthly subscription price in order to get more people to subscribe.


The skins I get are free anyway.

Just like how I dont pay a sub by being Alpha and having lots of alts but could PLEX if I wanted.

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I don’t believe CCP will start selling skins for $$$. There are so many cheap skins for ISK. Only the premium ones like police skins are sought after.

I could be proven wrong clearly here.

You can also get industrial skins for free by popping NPC haulers…

How is that a bad thing when population numbers are so low?

Doesn’t this already happen in the NES store? Plex takes on the role of becoming the in game cash substitute.

Hi I was wondering if we could get more skins for the legion and are a pink skin for all the T3C’s for breast cancer awareness?? that would be really awesome if we could. I would really like to see a pink skin for the T3C’s

They need a Skin pack for all ships for some of the basic skins

like the Kador Skins = the blue amarr ships nothing fancy literally instead of gold/tan it’s blue/silver… $20 skin pack = all amarr ships of all types can use it… tired of having to buy each ship individually for basic skins be it isk/$/etc… Also event skins IMO suc hard because they require WAY to much time (see Crimson harvest with the blood raider/Tet skins) wouldn’t be soo bad if the event had a daily rewarding extra points…but 10 points for each site…(50 for first time)

HELL why can’t get GET BASIC FACTION skins for t2/navy ships FOR FREE… cause maybe i jsut want to be a GOLDEN Navy Armageddon (currently use sarum Golden/red WHICH IS SICK…but not my point)

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to me if it cam be sold on the market I’m ok with it

Seeing packs for basic skins would be nice. Agreed, would be nice for me as a shopper.

I would love to get some (or all if they come in a pack) of the Yoiul Festival YC121 skins. I wasn’t playing yet when they came out, and since they’ve put a date in the name of the skins, it is obvious they won’t come again in the NES :frowning:

though that sort of works. you lower the price down to like Ten maybe Five bucks then you have this huge swarm of new people who see the lower price and boom they’ve made the same amount of money or more. and for higher charging ones they could have skins come with it.

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