Concerning NES shop : Skins and Plex

Hello CSM members,

last topic for today or this year is about NES and what is for sale there.
We all understand that CCP is a company that needs money. Salaries need to be paid, servers maintained, PA wants her share of course, and so on. So yes, mictrotransactions are the way, besides a subscription.

But then why is there nothing of the things in the shop that would someone like me buying PLEX first, swiping my credit card, and then going on a shopping roam in the NES?
There are cosmetical things I would pay with real money but then why are they not sold? It would probably require only a boolean value to be changed in a table in one DB to show it up in the NES … and bring money to CCP.

This suit, as I understand, was avaible somewhere, somehow, in the past, before I started to play. Yet I would like it to have, but nowhere available … or only for what feels a months salary from my job, what is ridiculous.

Just make it available for the same price as other suits and CCP earns money.

What about about skin lines?

When I started EVE, before I understood how the game works and what “discontinued” means, I had no chance to by in e.g. the Caldari Ghostbird Skin line.
Meanwhile Ghostbirds are back but only for Battleships and Capital stuff.
Why not throwing the rest of the skins, for the other subcapitals and haulers into the NES?
What about skin lines like Caldari Blue Tiger or Amarr Raata Sunset?
Why is the amarrian skin line for Khanid active in NES except for the punisher?

Many of the new skins that are handed out, be it in NES or in events, are just ridiculous … like this:

Is this some design from kindergarden?
Have children gotten some finger paints and a paper drawing of Dragoon to show what they can do?
I consider this as childish and clownish and utterly disgusting.

EVE calls itself (that was why I entered the game so many years ago) “Internet Spaceships are serious business”.
Hell … this is even on the intro of one of the EVE books itself:

So why then skins that look like having been dropped in several buckets of colors?
Is there no one left who sees the beauty of a simple design?

Why is an Imperial Star Destroyer so beautiful? Why was there (or is still) the hype of the new series of Battlestar Galactica? Because also these ships , in their simple form and color, are just beautiful.
What do you thing people would have though seeing a Star Wars Movie back in the 80’this looking like bathed in a multi-color-pot?

Clownish childhis disgutings something I would never use:

So beautiful …

Pure Braingasm if you ask me:

A skin like this, two colors, that dark grey anthrazit + bleach bone like color, could be so awesome … I would have litterally spend 20.000 PLEX getting each an every of those skins for my three main chars

If not for that disgusting yellow blop … so no PLEX bought, no skin from this skin line even looked again every … no earnings for CCP

Please consider this.
I am litteraly ready to spend 1000’s of PLEX for cosmetical stuff but not like what was show/released in the last view years.

And while I do farm the ice event belt in the last view day I trashed every single skin that came as a reward … because that stuff is NOT serious spaceshipping.

Best regards

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Have ccp ever had any business sense?

You seem to be in the minority here. Most of the old skin designs are, to me, a waste of time - they’re all the same, random muted colors and variations of turd brown and gray. The ones that sold the best were the bright white and red ones, and the rest are just afterthoughts that nobody but a collector like me cares about.

The new skins, like the Aurora skin you panned here, are way more popular, and, in my opinion, more stylish. I want a skin that will pop when I’m in a fleet with a bunch of people. That’s what most players want and that’s where the most sales are coming from. CCP may be losing out on 1000s of plex from you, but they’re getting 10x that from people who want the colorful skins, like me.

Nope. I think your just talking or do you have data from ccp showing 10x sales for these colored abortions? I’d prefer solid colors or effects, not paint blots. Sparks on a Minmatar ship or metal patches maybe. But everyone’s likes what they like.

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Someday, maybe we’ll be able to make our own skins, and you can do your dark greys and various shades of black.

As for the data, you can look at CCP’s taxes and see how much they’re doing in non-subscription sales, and given that the vast majority of the skins they’ve been offering lately are colorful, I think you can put two and two together.

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