Whats the point of skins, if

…if they are unavailable? So Im about to fly my first carrier, a nidhoggur. Some Nidhoggur skins look very nice, but only one of them is available with Plex, the others are either unavailable or basically not affordable.
the “hazard control” skin for nid costs 2.5 bil, the “firewall breach” 8.9 bil!!!, and the “bloody hands” skin is the only available in the new eden skin store. So I was hoping to get my hands on one of those three skins, especially the hazard control one, but its just to expensive.

Now that Im up for that and interested in purchasing some skins, I wonder what the purpose of them is at all, if they seem to be unavailable…

Of course I dont want to keep an eye on the skins on new eden store 12 months a year, week by week just so I dont miss any that I might could like one day.

Is it to keep the ingame prices up high to hope some guys may purchase Plex with real cash to buy them overprized? If thats the case, than market-players have probably more interest in skins than actual players that are just after some visual change…

I just dont get it and i wish that at least 2/3 of the nidhoggur (and other ships of course) are purchasable through the new eden store.


That’s the point of skins: You are not supposed to enjoy them, you are supposed to pry your credit card wide open and fork over more money to CCP than your subscription. That’s the only point of skins and all other cosmetic items.


This is possibly the most elite complaint I have ever seen on this forum. Well done.


Capitals = No poors

If you can’t afford a SKIN for that Nid, then can you really afford the Nid even (ie. can you afford to lose it)


What you gona do? Shoot Jita monument again about it? :smirk:

Dude, you dont need those skins.

The discussion should just end at the fact that if you are playing Eve and you can even remotely see your ship skin then you are doing it wrong…


If you jump into my cyno a free skin will wait you on the other side. :wink:

*results may vary


Ship spinning in station :roll_eyes:

Given the number of ships in the game, it would be difficult to always have a reasonable number of skins available for all ships.

Go to https://eve-marketdata.com/browse_market.php?type_id=24483,47177,36835,24484,47292,45981,46918,45555,36451,47321,40506

for a list of Nidhoggur skins, some quite affordable. The fact that you only seem to want the billion-ISK ones is on you.

There is also this tool.

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Luxury goods come at luxury prices; vanity items being luxury goods.


You could always make your own SKIN. Just Sharpie the wanted design onto your screen. :innocent:

–Artistic Gadget


Well it is as it is I guess.
If I only could sell my tears for isk…



To make an item have value, they have to limit it.

Also to spur skin sales, they have to make it known they will pull them in time. “Better buy it now, it won’t be here forever” kind of thing.

Its it only sales angle imo. As mentioned some play styles you aren’t even really seeing the ship. Some people aren’t into skins beyond maybe buying them up on sale before they vanish and hope for good resale on months/years down the road.

So what now? Are they unavailable, or are you just too greedy to pay for them?
Would you rather have them for free?

No poors, please.


That hazard control does look pretty sweet on my Niddy :slight_smile:

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I’m still fathoming the concept of skins. Is this still Eve?


It is. It’s an option one can use, but nobody has to. They give no advantage whatsoever. You also get free SKINs from events and so nobody has to go completely empty. Each SKIN seems to have an underlying theme or motive, making each a little piece of art. You don’t choose a simple color, but you choose an actual design.

I think it’s well made in terms of what is technically possible without adding too much demand on graphics. It also has a couple of fun ones, like a pink-white design, which reminds me very much of “Hello Kitty”. I doubt they can call it that due to trademarks, but when you want to then you can fly in this:


They haven’t made a “Duct Tape” SKIN for Minmatar yet though.

That’s incorrect.

CCP can easily add a search option along with a drop down Skin selection for each Ship in the NES. That would make the NES less cluttered and much easier to navigate.

Course it’s CCP and making things much more tougher than it needs to be is what they do best.



I think I am going to start wearing my monocle again because apparently people forgot how expensive those were.

If you use isk then it is not expensive.