Ive been playing since 2005 and have been pushing for ship skins since day on. Im all about them. Great job ccp, I like how they were implemented too.

But I would like too see more skins. Frankly most are very ugly and should hzve the value reduced. No skin should cost over 200mil besides limited skins such as tournaments.

  1. Free skin for players going back to the start of eve in 5 year increments.
  2. Skins rewarded by npc corps for good standings.
  3. Alliance appreciation skins, for huge nullsec Alliances that shaped eve but are in doomheimer. Ie: goons and band of brothers.
  4. Return of the bustard skin.
  5. State npc skins for fw.
  6. Player created skins contest winners.

As well as new character backgrounds on market and as rewards.


I like ship skins too, but I don’t agree that skins should be cheap to buy.

Ship skins have absolutely no gameplay benefits, so for all I care CCP starts selling certain skins that are worth more than a years subscription.

I certainly won’t be the one buying skins at those prices, but even at such prices people will buy it, which in return pays to keep the game running. I know free to play games (see Path of Exile) that live from such expensive character customisation pricing and I think it’s a good model: it allows everyone to pay for the game as much as they’re willing to pay.

As long as CCP also offers some cheaper skins and skins as rewards for events, everyone that wants a fresh look for their ship can get one at a price fit for them.

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Well at least its an option. Problem is the skins available on the store are pretty ugly. Most arent available in the store or the market. Then there are a few really nice ones. But theyre so expensive and are for only 1 ship instead of the whole racial line.

Then buy one of those skins for the ship(s) you fly most. Or get other cheaper skins.

I usually use ship skins for the ships I’m flying. And there some skins I would really like to use, but I’m not willing to pay that much for those skins. I don’t see what the issue is with that.

  1. No
  2. No. You would need a corp skin for every corp for every ship. Not feasable.
  3. No
  4. ?
  5. Already happening
  6. Could be fun. Inb4 we finally get the hello kitty kestrel

I would like to add :

  1. Skin rewards for activity tracker
    I would assume to some people, especially new bros, getting a skin for your progress on the activity tracker would be a great motivation. You could show off your combat, exploration ranks etc via a skin.
    Altough I would assume wearables like Coats are something would work better.

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