Temporary Ships SKINR


I was surprised when I first saw the price of colors and pattern for ship skinr.
And today we have the HUB with astronomicals (ridiculous) prices but I was expecting this to justify them :

This is the idea (sorry if this was already posted):
Buying colors and pattern for large amount of plex like right now, 30 or 50 plex but after for selling copies, temporary ones.
This way you could design a skin, lets say for 50plex, then make copies of it and selling them for 5 plex 1 month duration copy, 10 plex 3 months, etc.
This could maybe create a real market with artists selling copies to regular customers and customers could try some other designs from differents sellers without paying thousands of plex and renewing skins fleet.

Temporary skins already exist, it would offer them a real interest.
Instead, Ship SKINR are way to expensive even at 1/10 of the actual selling price of the Paragon Hub.

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I created a custom SKIN today for 160 PLEX, which is a tad on the more expensive side - but it’s a really cool design with some uber-rare design elements.

I’m not paying a nearly 200% premium to accelerate and “have it now” (I’ve waited years for customization, what’s 8 more days…?)

Nor do I have any immediate plans to resell it for a 30%+ fee, since I feel 160 PLEX is already pushing it (not sure I could justify 208 PLEX plus a small fee for myself; this is well over a billion ISK).

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So, after a few weeks, what you guys think about ship SkinR and absolutely crazy prices?
On my side and people I know, it is a huge fail, too expensive, nobody cares. With such high prices (that is what I was talking about temp skins) most players that I know cant afford this and the veterans dont seems to be interested.

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CCP will have to make changes to it at some point or very few players are going to bother using it.


You couldn’t have summed up this entire thread better. It even went two weeks before you had to try to garner more attention.

But yeah, continue to whine over a 100% optional feature that no one is forcing you to interact with. :roll_eyes:

Well, he isn’t wrong. The only person who gives two shits what skin you have on your ship… is you.

This is just not the point of the topic, its not “hey nobody see my Biskskin!”, was just talking about the “career” we got teased.
But yeah, why I am bothering, as the toxic one up there mentionned it I didnt get attention for an optional feature.

I am glad this is that way, anything else coming from you would be in insult to me, thank you for your non consideration.

I was just updating it with a few days of feedback.
But you are the one asking for attention, whine about over a 100% optional topic that no one is forcing you to interact with.

I think this assessment is fairly bang-on.

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