Just a quick one about skins.
I have many of my newer players dissapointed that the T1 frigate skins are a little out of reach in the store at 55plex and that they are the same price as the T2 equivalents. This makes them feel like its a bit unfair. I know the idea is for players to buy plex and use this to purchase skins but even buying plex from the market is plex “consuption” affecting prices and therfore more demand as prices remain high due to demand. From what feedback i get in my corp/alliance it would be great if the newer pilots could buy thier T1 Skins at a price they can afford and “be included”. I feel that these sales would outweigh the amount purchased by older pilots with more plex/isk as those pilots obviously do not use those T1 ships anywhere near as much as thier T2 equivalents. Many thanks to all feel free to rip my post apart :slight_smile: Fly Safe! o/


Omegas shouldn’t have to pay for skins at all.


Have you checked the market though?

yes they r re-sold for players for 500m so not helpful. thanks

I agree with the OP. The price of ship skins is a bit high for T1 Frigate’s.

Yeah, that would be great. Course CCP is a business wanting to make money so that’ll never happen. However it would be nice if they made all skins for the Omega Capsuleer’s racial ship tree free. All other skins for ships out of their racial ship tree would still need to be purchased.

There have been plenty of events where skins were handed out for free (they dropped from rats.) If you missed those events, those skins are available on the market and very cheap (last time I checked, some were under 1m)

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Uh huh.

There are lots of frigate SKINs at very low prices.

No need to be shirty.

the skins being on the market at an even higher price it not helpful for newer pilots** plz check ur sensitivily level. TY wasnt directed at u. appologies if i sounded that way.

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Telling you theres cheap T1 frigate SKINs on the market, what youve specifically asked for?

How is that insensitive?

CCP gives away T1 frigate skins in starter packs and in general all the time. There are quite a number of affordable skins for sale for you look around.

If you are meaning a very specific skin, you should probably say so.

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Theres Project Dicsovery skin for every single ship in game, all dirt cheap except 3 concord hulls.

And you can get them all for free, even earn some isk doing it.


Project Discovery Skins? For every ship in the game? All dirt cheap?

Wow I didn’t know that, thanks.

I’ll check it out and hopefully add more skins to my collection.


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Yes the discovery skins tend to be cheap and bonus for fitting the thievery lifestyle as being yellow or including some amount of yellow in them so I tend to use them on my characters. The more rare skins can cost a fortune but not everything should be cheap else everything would lose its uniqueness and rarity.

Edit: I’ve also spent over a thousand plex on Gila skins and others and never regretted my purchase, though can’t say I worked hard for that plex as it all was paid for by stolen stuff being sold. :smiling_imp:

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Yellow, like the Minmatar ‘Dawn Of Liberation’ skins?

Figured they would be blue to match the Project Discovery Apparel items.

Yes they are generally a combination of yellow and blue.

Edit: click the search for images tab.

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Basically blue with yellowy-orange-ish accents.

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Pricing for Skins was always too high. And you have to notice that these are consumables and you cant transfer them when you change character. Also that they work for only one model and no other…

The thing is, sometimes they have promotions, when these items go for half price or even less, so then the price seems reasonable, while its still fairly high for a color change for a ship, only cosmetic item that is consumed when used, and works only on one ship model.

In other words “dude, you dont need a monocle” or ship skin.


And of course new players are holy so ANYTHING that can be done should be done.

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imo, nobody should have to pay for ship color changes.

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