DEVS: Please remedy the ridiculous skin situation and make them all available in the store

As a player who has made billions taking advantage of the skin situation, I think it has become detrimental to let all the decent skins deplete and allow players to make them unobtainable for most with ridiculous prices… Most players can now only afford the crappy skins or the cheap Exoplanets… It would also make more $$$ sense for the game to offer them all through the store…


No, devaluing things considered rare is a good way to piss off your customer base.


SKINS should not cost as much a 1 month omega status… this is ridiculous indeed


Why whine about a situation that you have caused?


Why not, if the supply is low and the demand high that is what happens.


And yet, they’re still cheaper than most pieces of clothing…

–It takes funds to look Gadget Good


Well, tell that to the people selling it. CCP doesnt set the prices, players do.

Its like complaining to Ebay that a guy is selling his limited edition comic book for a thousand dollars. If people are buying it, its not Ebays fault.

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So limited edition items should not be limited, and CCP and other companies should lie about how they are limited, in order for everyone to get the skin? So no more limited edition items, ever, in games? No more rewarding people for spending isk or working hard?

Cool story bro.


Just be a good junkie.

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and do AT ships next…

and free R64 moons for all…

Just give free cat ears for our avatars and everyone will be happy. :cat:

Skins are worth what people are willing to pay for them. They are purely cosmetic and the art department is improving with practice. If you think the prices are ridiculous - don’t buy them! If enough people agree with you the price will drop.

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To get that straight, you have a problem to buy skins with ISK but you’re willing to pay with RM for them?!!! :roll_eyes:

No one told him about the existance of Plex.

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what are you talking about dude? there is a bunch of skins in the plex store that costs more than 600 plex lol you guys are really really blind or something.

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Were talking about Shaigh, not you.

Read who we quoted.

are you stupid or what?

Oh, i thought you were quoting me on my most recent discussion and not the one 6 hours ago.

In which case, heres your answer.

Were talking about the fact that the skins on the Plex store are also available in the market and sold and traded for ISK. Many skins were released for a short period of time and are not available on the store anymore. The original poster was referrencing this fact.

He was not saying that the skins on the store currently, are costing as much as a 1 month omega status, was ridiculous.

I thought you were following along with the discussion and posting something in agreeance with the OP. I had no idea you had misunderstood the OP and posted about something else.

So, to answer your question, which seems to be completely off-topic, its only ridiculous because we the players set plex prices as absurdly high. If 600 plex only cost us 10 million isk, you would not say that this is ridiculous, would you?

Looks like my answer applies to your off-topic claim as well. Its all come full circle.

now you have my interested, would need to get myself a set, or 3. asfor skins the prices are super high but there are some cheap ones, i have just picked up 5 skins for less than 2 mill each, the expensive ones add a bling factor and allow the rich to show off. it doesn’t affect ship performance so i have no real problems with it, they can always re release things if people want them enough but limited edition should mean something.

they’ve not depleted though have they, they are in peoples cargo holds sitting pretty waiting for the prices to go up even more.