DEVS: Please remedy the ridiculous skin situation and make them all available in the store

That would ruin the investment that people made by buying the skins. Don’t do. It’s a no no

Cat ears are for perverts

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The store was getting crowded with too many offerings, the UI would need an overhaul to showcase “everything.”

Tho i’m certainly in favor of everything costing 5 plex, CCP could adopt the supermarket model, make piles of real money on higher volumes sold, and cut out all these pesky player-middlemen :wink:

You expect a company who gave pet players and ‘content creators’ items that print ISK (t2bpo) to give 2 shits about space poors who can’t afford ISK for ship skins?

You can buy 1billion ISK for a dollar via Galaxy pack once there after 1 bn costs $7 dollars from CCP or $4 from rmt.

If you can’t afford $4 you need to stop playing eve and sort your f’ng life out.

I’m sorry if this would ruin people’s investments, but I think it would help the game if players could more easily customize their ships for really only themselves to see… I don’t think skins should be part of the economy where players can’t manufacture them or they are not offered through the store for some sort of price control… Without this, skins are not part of a “supply & demand”, but rather a “horde & inflate” which has severely limited a player’s options to customize their ships… Let’s be honest…corps and people have been hording the hell out of the good ones and putting crazy prices on them… I did not help create this situation…which was going on long before I ever got here…

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