CCPlease: Skin Extractor

Dear CCPlease,

Please bestow upon us a new premium service which enables us to extract ship skins.

Abathur and the rest of the EvE Online Community

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Finally, a suggestion CCP will be interested in!

If only they’d read the forums. OP better posts this on Reddit, then they might actually see it.

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This is not the suggestion I was expecting to read. I thought we might finally have a use for corpses.

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They already have a premium service - simply buy a new one! Given that this is a major source of revenue for the company I can’t see them allowing people to remove skins intact for less than the NES price. If you simply want to trash the skin - maybe, but would there be enough demand to justify the development effort?


This is a great idea, but I have to agree with Do Little. Allowing skins to be extracted would likely eat into their skin revenue. So, I can’t see them doing it.

Now, why can’t I pay to rename characters?
Also, scrap the bounty system -it sucks. I would pay by the character to leave reviews for other players. Like, they could have a “yelp” tab next to our bio’s, where players could write things like:

1 out of 5 Stars

Standup Dude
5 out of 5 Stars

Is “that guy.” Causes diplomatic problems.
2 out of 5 Stars

Honors Ransoms
3 out of 5 Stars

Frequent forum whiner. Would bet money that he smells like cheese.
1 out of 5 Stars

Alrighty then, how about suggesting CCP gets rid of the artificial skin market scarcity and just providing the entire range of skins always and forever once they’re published on the NEX store?

You would end up with thousands of skins requiring a complete redesign of the New Eden Store - I don’t imagine that’s very high on CCP’s priority list and most of us would prefer they focus their available development bandwidth on the game itself.

Limited edition skins also provide opportunity for market speculation, which I consider a good thing. CCP do occasionally bring skins back for a limited time or special events - I’m keeping my eye out for Raata Sunset for my Retribution!

The skin speculators get burned bad. Sometimes CCP just decides to give every capsuleer in New Eden a copy of the skin you thought would be worth billions.

CCP should develop more services for us. We already can extract skill points, the games cornerstone benchmark,

To the nay-sayers: let them hear the suggestion and let them decide what is worth it or not. If you don’t find a use for a feature but another person does, that is all on you. I want, no I need this skin extractor feature.

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