A few observations/questions

  1. I click the drop down skins menu for a ship, and there’s a lot of skins, but very few are available either in-game (or are obscenely expensive) and not available at all in the New Eden Store. I just get into an Ishtar, the only skin in the NES is the neon disco ball. What’s the point for this absurd scarcity CCP? Aren’t items in the NES supposed to be a way to monetize the game?

  2. Players being so cute by having multiple account characters with almost the same name and identical look. What’s the matter folks? Too crushingly difficult to be creative enough to create different names and appearances, and who have infinite clones to begin with?

  3. CCP: How’s about loosening the sphincter on the RNG and bring back some decent loot in exploration and DED sites?

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Yeah, pretty much have the same viewpoint.

As for the ship skins, maybe CCP thinks they’ll get more money by offering the skins for a limited time, remove them and then bring them back at a later date.

Addressing point 2; It’s easier for botters to copy and paste their character name and change a number at the end, when configuring their botting program. The same avatar being used is likely due to rushing through character creation so they can start sucking the life out of EVE as quickly as possible.


So what, who the ■■■■ are you to judge?

Right, you are nobody with nothing to do with your time except pick at others.

Probably silver spoon fed.


Not all McCandlesses are me

  1. Sure. But appreciate skins take time to make, and there are a lot of ships.

  2. Let people name stuff what they want. Aside from that which is offensive.

  3. Let’s not make exploration worthless.

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Is Billy still drinking antifreeze in the shed?


You’re right, I shouldn’t judge. Do you want to know what I think of tattoos? I didn’t think so…

For the last 3-4 months the drops in exploration sites have diminished greatly or just vanished. If you were doing those sites your experience would be similar. How does increasing the drops make exploration worthless? Cutting back the drops makes exploration worthless, not the other way around.

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Things are worth more because they are rare and/or in demand.

Increasing supply with no increase in demand means a swing towards buyers market (lower prices). What’s more, once supply goes over a certain threshold, or its easy enough for everyone to get their own loot from sites rather than buy off the market, demand approaches zero.


Rewards in exploration are designed to be inconsistent. OP is just asking for a straight buff to the rewards because hes entitled and whiney. But that WILL lower the wealth players get from exploration.

I fully disagree with you. Explo is my main activity when i am not doing pvp. I earn the same (good) amount of isks/h as a mean doing explo as i earned several months ago. Nothing has changed for me.

If you augment the drop rate of something, its price will drop because there’s more on the market.

That’s what happen when you don’t have fixed prices for stuff in your game :wink:

Let me see if I can be clear on this, once again. 3-4 months ago (at least in Amarr space) exploration drop rates plummeted. Delonewolf, who makes very informative YouTube videos, also mentioned this recently.

I was exhorting CCP to **bring back **drop rates (at least to the level they were at before the perceived nerf). I fully understand the economics of supply and demand, and don’t expect some Isk faucet to be turned on, just a return to “normal”.

As far as being “entitled and whiney”, I’ve been playing since 2007, Yamato, 10 years longer than you have. I have been playing long enough to have some perspective, and don’t need some relative noob taking personal shots at me for raising legitimate concerns.

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Please, the argument of being an old fart on a game is outdated. Might want to upgrade your floppy disk, grandpa.

When someone states the obvious:

…it is hard to take them seriously. As a solo player, criticism from those who suck on the corporate teat is somewhat amusing. You’ve had to sidle up to others to be successful, although even Mittani has stated he couldn’t handle the solo game. He quit, and then came back and joined a corporation. His sociopathic personality fit in well with the sycopohant-laden corporate culture, and has soared to a place of legend in MMORPG infamy. Maybe that’s where you’re headed, so godspeed, I wish you success in your endeavors.

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This should have been done a long time ago and needs to be done asap. And not just with exploration sites, mission sites definitely need a boost in loot drops.

And to think this all started back when ex-CCP Soundwave & Co decided to ruin the game with their mad attempts to supposedly stop passive ISK generation and ‘Mineral Gun-Mining’. Those fools thought that nerfing loot drops would revitalize the Mining career and give gankers more targets to destroy.

I remember a time when actually allowing us to paint our ships was being considered…with an interface and color pallet with several zones on each ship that could be colored making ships highly customizable. We all know how that turned out…

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Go down in Sansha’s or Angel Cartel’s space, and hunt some relic sites. In one afternoon you’ll make good riches for something claimed as “not dropping anything valuable” :wink:

The reply was pertaining to exploration combat sites, not Hacking sites.

I do highsec combat exploration, 2.5-3 hours daily. Some days its 50-80 mil per session, and some days its 800-900 mil. I had a streak of a dozen of 3/10s witout loot, I also had a streak of 3 c-type invuln in a row within an hour.

It’s RNG, every now and then someone has an unlucky streak ans starts that topic, “Waaah, CCP cut droprates!”.

Just do more sites, do them more effectively/faster. Or switch to something else for a bit.

A lot more people do combat exploration nowadays. Travel further from Jita or other market hubs. Learn to scan sigs faster, do 4 - 1 - 0.25AU scans. Fit hyperwarp rigs, Ascendancy implants or use Angel ships for faster travel.

Search for ways to improve your performance.

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