The New Eden Store

really needs a “Sort by most used” function. It ALSO needs to show all skins even if they’re not able to be purchased through the store. Really, a few small tweaks to functionality would go a long way.

I might be in the minority here, but I actually really like cosmetics and “fun” things available for IRL moneys. I despise F2P and P2W, but cmon spending a few bucks to look bling? Yeah I’m down for that.

I’m probably your “target audience” here cause I used to buy ■■■■ like that on Dota all the time, or any game which actually has ethical microtransactions. Which uh, I think just limits me to dota come to think of it. Heh.

Anyways, clean up your store so I can find ■■■■ easier! You don’t want your store front being difficult to navigate. That’s gonna drive away potential sales. Keep the layout and display style. That’s all fine. Just add some additional functionality to the search and sort and you’re golden.

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Why? You mean “most bought”? Why does that matter to you?

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Perhaps I should clarify. I meant sort by ships you USE the most. Ships specifically that YOU used the most, not the playerbase as a whole.

Ah, i understand. Why can’t you use the search?

You’re asking CCP to go through every characters usage history, on demand (when entering the store), which means tons of database accesses per person using the store. alternatively they’d have to have counters for every ship you use, which turns i to a mess eventually, as many people use many different ships.

Why not use the search? does it not work?

well if you go to your fitting window and look at the skins it will show you which skins are available on nes
the skins with an orange tag are on nes


Indeed. It’s not a deal breaker or anything. It’s just a lot less intuitive than other estores for games. That being said, if ever there was a description of Eve as a whole then “a lot less intuitive” is pretty much par for the course.


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