News Item: EVE Store Update

Yay! New stuff in the EVE Store!

[checks it out]

Oooooh, right, that awesome design from the contest is now in the store!

Aw, right… I’m still in Europe and the postage is half of the worth I would order from the store
[abandons order]

Did theu add t2 bpos to nes?

Sweet shirt! Im sad they hadnt added 30 day permits for t2 ships yet.

I think I have seen something like that thing on design. I think it was called fetishlight or something like that.

Maybe theyll add 20mil sp character starter packs to nes soon. Thatd be great. Their advertisement line could be “Click it, name it, play it.”

That would be in the main account page when they add it, or via advertisements, not the New Eden Store, that’s for merchandise.

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