New Accessories In The EVE Store!

The game is 12 years old yet I still can’t purchase a t-shirt of my favourite spaceship but pens, notebooks, mugs, mouse mats and whatnot are all now available?


I really wish I could link to CCP merchandise (because they’re BY FAR my favourite gaming company) but I did find this online
If anyone has used them your feedback is welcome.


Don’t forget to skyscraper-high shipping costs.


15 years, actually.

Yeah, CCP sure has missed out on a lot of merchandising money over the years. Strange.

EvE mugs, keychains, clothing, etc…

Contract with a shipper in USA and one in Germany…centralized to ease shipping to majority of ccp customers in US and Europe/Russia…millions of ISK passed by over the years…

Instead of ridiculously overpriced items in-game with virtual rioting, unsubs, and long-term damages, ccp could have licensed/sold EvE merchandise IRL and made much money.

Imagine how much just approved alliance/coalition/faction logo clothing (with a minimum order to make printing it feasible of course) would have brought in.

piles of cash even just licensing intellectual property to competent third parties passed up. Bit late now…

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Of course, 15 years - 2003!
My bad.

It’s weird when there is so much more available in the virtual store than the real one!

I can imagine costs being prohibitive in the early years, prior to online shopping taking off as it has, but surely today, when I can buy customised t-shirts from eBay, it should be feasible?

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How many players since those initial days still play.
How many joined in the formative years still play.
Market must be pretty small or so tired of CCP BS that wouldn’t give more of their money to this company.

Today’s episode and lack of communication throughout show just how much CCP actually value their customer base.

There used to be T-shirts in the store. I have some Minmatar and Gurista ones

It’s good that we have Chinese businesses who will gladly make anything they can sell ignoring licenses and such :rofl:
You can buy many interesting EvE related thingies from Aliexpress for example.

Awesome i’m into buying Eve stuff. Shame about the Nyx, Time CCP joined up with airfix to bring us all the ship models.

You can always try buying a real-life floating nyx model. :wink:

I want to say it was last year, there was a change in the alliance logo submission process, and the way CCP stores alliance logos, because alliance logos remain the IP of the alliance. Brave, for example, sells its logo on merch because the logo belongs to Brave.

But NPC corps, and other CCP owned assets, missed opportunities, yes. Teaming up with one of the 3D printing companies doing game merch would also be cool. Lots of things these days can be produced on-demand with no need to worry about size of production runs.

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Can you provide (a link to) photos of them? I’m genuinely curious…

I have seen multiple posts by you. Do you do ANYTHING other than bitch?

If you’re asking me, well, yeah, I also offer suggestions for fixes/changes.
l’ve also been sharing my in-game knowledge via Q&A for years on the old forums.

Do you have anything useful to contribute other than bitching about others?

Why nobody in CCP thonked about making a survey with all the possible propositions?

Print your own shirt.
Afaik CCP allows it as long as you dont try to make profit off their IP.

I’ve heard;

VIP accounts for only $5000.

VIP logging privileges,
‘Get in while everyone else can’t, be the first to experience today’s bug, laugh at al those people still queueing.’

Platinum accounts for only $10000.

As VIP plus your very own ISD privileges ‘Ban who you want!’

Ultra Dev accounts for only $50000.

As Platinum plus ‘Choose anything in the game that works and break it!’

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