Is EVE Merchandise really so hard to do?

Just noticed that the EVE store is back and got really excited! FINALLY! WOO!

Then I discovered that it’s essentially the same as before, (only with less) an extremely limited selection of a bunch of stuff nobody wants.

Seriously, like two shirts in there I would wear. Nothing else seemed to be anything more than cups and T shirts with the word “EVE” on them.

This is, I believe, the third or fourth attempt to revamp this store, each time a bit lamer than the last.

Why? Is it really that hard to sell good merchandise to a rabid fan-base?

Just curious. Discuss!

P.S. “Warp to the Dance Floor”? Seriously? This game has plenty of real memes with no copyrights attached you could have used.


And ridiculous shipping fees as well because US supremacy.

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It’s true, I am indeed complaining about this thing.

Do you disagree or something?

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It’s been like this since I started, and the only conclusion I can come up with is that CCP would rather have nothing than a fair deal.

All I can figure is that they’re like, poorly connected or something. They just can’t seem to make this happen.


I want to pay in isk, or plex :skull_and_crossbones:

Nooooooo no no no no no no, no.

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The store was always there, never gone away, thats only a new advertisement about it.

And (for me) there are many things there that i would like to buy but the shipping fees and the other import duties/taxes for Europe are simply unacceptable, is it so difficult to have a store in Europe too? somewhere in… Iceland for example?!

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That’s just not true, sir. Don’t know what else to tell you.

Do you often confidently assert nonsense on the internet?

If you dont have any idea what to say just say nothing, no need to make yourself ridiculous.

I was watching the store all the time, it was always there, your comment is worthless as usually!

Dude, put down the shovel, and step away from the hole. Your claim is verifiably untrue.

P.S. Thanks for the little dash of tears you threw in there.

This company: “” merchandising EvE products since a few years now, thats the company who got the rights for promoting CCP products in the USA but the 1st EvE shop was at first in Iceland, couple years ago.

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LOL just keep going, the rest of the internet will be along shortly to confirm how wrong you are.

Ever heard the old adage “Give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself.”? :wink:

Had to edit this post because of e-sensitivity.

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ah shut up and go to sleep, your mommy calls you! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh seriously, people? It’s figurative! Never heard the expression “If you give 'em enough rope, they’ll hang themselves.”? It refers to the way you can expose someone’s ignorance by allowing them to do the talking.

Jeez, people on the internet are so sensitive these days…

Hehe nice, i would actually buy this one. Let me put my corp logo on it and we (would) have a deal.

Main issues i have with Eve merchandising are the shipping fees (I live in europe) and the uninspired selection of products.

I have a Raven replica that sits on the shelf near me but fell off and broke off some tips. On my keychain - now on my desk as it started to wear- I have a EVE online logo with on the back " A city made of dreams is built in heaven " and a Caldari poster. I used to have the EVE magazine for some months I guess I cancelled or it stopped. I have some shot glasses which used to have a Caldari logo on it but it’s washed off :slight_smile: The coffee cup with a Raven on it (that appears when hot and dissapears when cold) is slowly decaying.

TLDR; If you want something, just have it done by 3rd party as any of them will beat CCP in sales service, quality, price, deliveryspeed and after sales service with ease. I guess marketing isn’t their strong point. But the game is awesome.

First problem with the EvE store is the only way I can even find a way to access it, is the launcher. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, shouldn’t it also have a link from the website? Not seeing one.

Second off all the products that I feel should be on there isn’t and that’s posters. What better item to show off what EvE shines at which is artwork. It also would be relatively cheap to have made and could have a significant markup. On top of that they likely wont take warehouses to store.
It just seems that easiest way to show off EvE is a with a poster on a wall that gets people to ask questions about it.

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