CCP/EVE merchandise

I just got my t-shirt order in and I was wondering if there were any collectors of Eve merch over the years. I’ve been a collector of retro gaming consoles but the games never really got me interested the way Eve has. The most in depth collecting I’ve had for a single game is Destiny but that has been ruined with the current story line.

Anyway, feel free to direct me to a thread if this isn’t the right place.

Well amazon has the novels at least the few that (I) know of that was printed. The T-shirt and Cap were just basics in the old store; If you look hard enough they used to sell jackets and other merchandise as well. I was planning on making my home office into an EVE sanctuary now that I just now decided to come back after a LONG break.

Tee chip and other merchandisers (Cafepress, etc) may have some independent styles but the official store is one of the best out there.

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I’m pretty sure people keep all the “swag” from player gatherings, which there are a couple of.
Sadly lot of them had to be cancelled due to COVID-19. But attendees of the previous events surely have some exclusive collectibles.

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