CCP - Thanks For Quick Delivery of Eve Store Merchandise

A few days ago I was reading a thread which somebody had posted a link to the Eve Merch Store and after checking it out, I decided to order a few items. I actually wanted to order more items but due to current world crisis I figured I should curb my spending.

Anyway, when I placed the order I thought it would take some time before it was filled and shipped. However, much to my surprise it only took a few days for the order to be processed, shipped and delivered. I had placed the order on Sunday Jan 31 and just received it today Thursday Feb 4.

Since that was totally unexpected, I decided to give a shout out to CCP and say thanks for quickly filling the order. Now I have some Eve Apparel items I can wear to the next Fan Fest, which will hopefully be active again in 2022…

If not, well… guess I’ll just add them to the other items I got in 2010 for being one of ten winners in Exploration contest hosted by CCP ($50 Eve Store voucher with free shipping).

1x Eve Online Poker Deck

2x Eve Online Can Koozie (Black Neoprene with Eve Logo in white text)

4x Eve Online Faction Shot Glasses (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar Logo’s)

If anybody else has some Eve Merch from past or present, please share your items…

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