Introducing Print on-Demand Merch!

I’m really happy that they came out with this. I will be ordering tonight!

@GM_Lelouch / @GM_Aisling is there a way to set up these items to be purchased as gifts? Let’s say I want to by @Githany_Red a T-Shirt for being a swell guy. Maybe you can notify him via email and he can handle the logistics of where to send it?

Just an idea…

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you’d been better off tagging someone with CCP at the beginning of their name, not a game master, they won’t have anything to do with merchandising or anything like that.

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“Lead GM Lelouch – Myself. I‘m in charge of gameplay support for EVE Online.”

I’m open to any and all constructive suggestions.

again, IRL merchandise has nothing to do with gameplay support.

I’m open to any and all constructive suggestions.

I bet loads of people would gift people stuff from the store, just like we can buy skins and Plex for friends. Especially as Xmas is coming

I’m sure ccp can work out away of taking money off us why keeping our information private.

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Geo gave you a constructive suggestion: tagging a CCP-prefixed user.

For example, a member of the community team like @CCP_Fleebix or @CCP_Aurora .


if amazon can do it, i’m sure ccp can.

there’s been a few times i’ve bought things for ppl on amazon from their “wish list” that they get, without showing me their address.

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Oi oi, noted, and taking the request to the market people. Great suggestion o7


Where are these items made? (not Made in Space would be my first guess, yes “made in space” is a real thing).

Perhaps somebody can post the inner label for where they’re made, I cannot find it on the site.


@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras just gave me another great idea with his “wish list” comment. It would be amazing for characters to have a wish list, much like a bridal registry. I’m ONE HUNDRED TIMES more likely to buy something for someone else than I am for myself.

Geo made another great point about Christmas coming up. He’ll be the first one I buy something for…in the spirit of giving. :santa:

I did that in the OP…I just didn’t know who to tag. Thanks for bringing CCP to my thread. You’re now on my Christmas list as well.


We may have done something useful :grinning:

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Oh I see they have gift cards that may work , sending them to players

Talking in stations have been talking about it .

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You wouldn’t happen to have a link to that discussion with you?

The people you tagged are GMs (game masters). GMs are customer support staff who answer player gameplay support issues, and do not have any involvement with CCP decision making, which is why Geo said to tag a person with a prefix of, literally, CCP (as he said: CCP at the beginning of their name). You can find a list of active CCP users via the user list with the filter of ‘Developers of CCP Games’. Handily, many of them have special titles that highlight their area of responsibility, and using the active poster lists narrows your tag down to those who have made or found time to engage with the community recently.

Glad this got shown to the right audience, and I hope the clarification I posted here helps you with future ideas.

GM’s are normal CCP employees. ISD are volunteers.

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Apologies, you’re right, I conflated two populations.

It helps a great deal. Thank you.