3rd party merchandise (displate)

Hello there.

I assumed this category, supposedly Out of Pod best suited the subject matter.
I must admit the merchandise available through official sources to me seems a bit lack-luster, or at least doesn’t excite me as much, apparel is nice and the models you can get at Mixed Dimensions is awesome, but i was wondering if sourcing EVE Related products from 3rd party sites is something anyone has experience with?

I am mainly thinking about sites like displate, while right now there is only a couple of posters portraying anything EVE related, i for one would love to be able to buy such a thing. I also know its possible to have private collections on sites like these, where they simply produce you your print or product for you and doesn’t ask any further questions.

I guess my question is if people have experience with this and if it is even allowed as long as its for your personal use.

If you are buying something that is ripping off CCP’s intellectual property then that transaction makes it not personal use, hmm?

The personal thing i was talking about, was mainly related to getting places who will make prints and posters for you to print it for you, not buy it from them. You pay them to make a print or poster with your design, there’s a ton of places who does this, the place you’re paying are not themselves selling products, they just produce them at your specification.

I should have been more specific there.

I mentioned displate because i have seen posters there with designs straight from EVE, but i haven’t bought any from there.