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(RavenGalactic) #1

This is a topic about EVE swag and creative things that you’ve made to fuel your infinite obsession with EVE Online.

This includes, but is not limited to, pins, t-shirts, fan art, graphics, blueprints, models, 3D printer models, costumes, cosplay items, clocks, and Oxygen Fuel Blocks. Your mind is the limit.

Bonus points for originality.


(RavenGalactic) #2

I took the Rifter model from the EVE Online: Second Decade Edition box and hacked it. Enjoy.

(Rain6637) #3

Raven what’s up !

EVE fanart and stuff yeah that’s my jam

This is a player project organized by CPPC Caldari Prime Pony Club of the capsule, for a VR demo. This is the in-game capsule model with the edges softened and some hardened. it’s being worked on right now and I’ll post updates as it comes along!

It’s “open-source” within CCP’s usage rules, so once it’s done it should be available for the videos and things you do

High quality turnaround GIF [15mb]

(RavenGalactic) #4

Hello @Rain6637 , how are you? Do I know you by another name?

(Rain6637) #5

I was the UIW student at your first meetup last year. I sat across from you

(RavenGalactic) #6

Right on. Did you have the 4-legged friend?

(Rain6637) #7

No and I don’t recall one either. Oh, I know… I thought you looked incredibly young and didn’t believe you?

Anyway I’m doing great! Thanks for asking!

(CPPC T'amber) #8

:3 Can I be your four legged friend?

(Rain6637) #9

Oooh T’amber I didn’t realize it was that kind of Pony club and yes, you may be my four legged friend

(Sakaane Eionell) #10

Okay, I’ll bite! I make Pod Pals, which are little crocheted dolls that I customize to look like player characters, such as Mynxee, Rixx Javix, and a few others so far.

I also made a TESTosaurus-Rex with a CO2 dude, modeled after the very excellent TEST propaganda.

(Rain6637) #11

holy crap lol mynxee is instantly recognizable.

(CPPC T'amber) #12

It isn’t really that kind of club lol…

(Nana Skalski) #13

Some hats.

(Gascogne Reingau) #14

That´s awesome. I have that Rifter my self but I wish I could get my hands on a bigger version the rifter or another ship in eve and put my pi 3 in it would be cool have a ship from eve online as a case for the pi 3.

(DeMichael Crimson) #15

Very cool thread.

All I’ve done is just use imgflip to make Eve meme’s.

(Khergit Deserters) #16

:grinning: Awesome!

(Sakaane Eionell) #17

Thank you!