Can i get a backpack


I would like a backpack. Cant find it in the store. You have my e-mail. Send details please.

I dont see any backpack. Probably removed.

Also lol at this:

Minmitar? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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MERCH :broken_heart:

LOL !!!
Yo CCP, since I play your game now, consider me your majority shareholder, so be a good servant and make yourselves useful and send me an e-mail.
This guy !!! LOL !!!

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When you wer recloned they musta left out your sarcasm receptors. Luckily for you, you are expendable.

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Guess they ran out of stock.

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I am extremely saddened by this.

Dont be.

If its an EVE backpack you want, afaik, you can buy any generic whatever backpack and pay a imprinting company to inscribe the EVE logo on it, as long as you dont attempt to re-sell it.

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Demand authenticity


Perfect. :relaxed::ok_hand:

Missing a little duck tape, right across the err all of it :smiley: .


I was just thinking the same exact thing!
Very nice backpack! :+1:
Minmatar Represent!

I feel like it needs a solar panel on it.


Please, those are referred to as “wingy bits”.


Not bad, but I prefer the authentic Amarr one.


Fake, it’s clearly not big enough to hold a slave.


It doesn’t hold a slave, it has a chain attachment loop on the bottom, why would an Amarrian carry their slave? You make them crawl behind you.

On a totally different topic, if you want good eve merchandise, your actually better off looking for it on ebay and various 3rd party websites, they have far better selection and quality that the official eve store itself.

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