CCP We WANT Things

We commend your valiant efforts in the fighting of the care bear loser scumbag attacker, however, we still also need to be paid off, so we are making a list for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • 5 Million SP
  • Quafe Zero
  • Training Boosters

What have I forgotten??


The correct answer would be “none of those” because it’ll just encourage people to start firing off week long DDOS attacks at free SP and boosters.



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As an unknown rando on the internet who knows nothing of what it takes to operate and maintain a game like EVE and pays literally fk all compared to the overall income of EVE I absolutely FKN DEMAND MY ENTITLEMENT BE SATISFIED WITH MUCH FR33 ST00FZ!!!


Monument in Jita.

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You forgot CCPlease.


Ouch! :smile:

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Assuming we are nearing the end of these issues any day now. I got a few suggestions because like it or not players have had to suffer loss, some of which CCP cannot compensate for in any possible way.

I have some desired suggestions:

-500k SP or 15 days Omega for any potential lost game play and training time.
-Bonus Multiple Training Certificate “Limited Time” offer for one weekend.
-50% off one month of omega offers for one month straight for all players.
-50% off new value packs for one week.

The SP or Omega time would be an equivalent to what players lost that has already been payed for. (Yet to be determined until issues are resolved).

The other offers are just a kind consideration. Players have been through a lot this past week already. Making some more uncommon offers available for a short period of time after the issues are resolved is fair compromise and will help them recover some costs as well as help players with some real deals.

CCPlease and Thank You!

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Sarcasm and humour.

They are not for everyone.


Fedos! \o/

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Good Sir! One does not use reasons when demanding entitlements, shouting is entirely sufficient!

Heh, and you know what they say about assumptions, right?



After the past week CCP owes players a lot and please is not required.

I’m gonna take a second to remind people that the rules can be found over here. Things such as “please” and “thank you” and common courtesy go a pretty far way. Just saying.


don’t troll

That’s funny, that list of rules prohibits trolling, and yet FairyTail Omaristos has trolled the official support threads for a week.

Well not ha ha funny, but funny.


I’m trying to have a thread where you can vent for a bit and I don’t have to just close the thread. Please don’t be that guy.


That hasn’t been every thread?

Well, can’t say I didn’t try.

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