Game Going Trippy

The latest: something I don’t need, don’t understand that costs me 38k to arm or engage or what ever, just more stuff that takes away from my understanding and/or enjoyment of the game. CCP or whoever the new owners are seem to be attempting to overload players with crap that really have nothing to do with basic game play, basic game play defined as tracking down other players and blowing them and their stuff up.

And when I go don’t ask as I’ll blow it all up.

Trolls: In advance: kiss this and stick’em all in a deep dark cavity.


I really hope ISD hold off on this one until you’ve had a chance to calm down enough to articulate… whatever the hell it is you’re on about, because that was utterly incomprehensible, mate.

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Please feel free to elaborate on what is vexing you.


What is that thing on your head?

Drone problems? Guns? Missiles?

For anybody who might not know: Pearl Abyss is the name of the game company that owns CCP (100%)

I can trade you my belly button fluff if you can tell me what do you think about the daily log in loot chests as I sort of feel those are on your mind today also.

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Psst… I don’t think he’s going to be back to read this. :wink:

When he probally should have this attitude…


I’m pretty sure that @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode is much more intimate with the forum rules than you are.

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