Hello are you there?

Clearly you can’t have the opinion to ask for answers y’all weird.

If it sucks that bad, why are you still here?

Also, is there any particular reason you need the compensation now, as opposed to, say, a week or two from now?

Have patience, and maybe consider that figuring out who should get compensated and what that compensation should be isn’t a quick and easy decision.



I don’t think you speak for everyone as most people are aware of the issues and waiting for CCP to review and respond to everything you are asking about now. Every now and then someone comes onto the forums asking the same thing and everyone else has to explain over and over again what we all know aside from yourselves.

CCP is reviewing about compensating players. They have compensated players in the past and will likely do the same in a similar way for this. They are very busy and you will just have to wait and see what comes of it.

Not as bad as waiting to play again though?

The patch was planned and going to be put into the game long before the DDOS, which was not planned nor had they an immediate response to deal with it, unfortunately. Things do happen outside of this game despite what CCP is already doing themselves.

It seems that most players are indeed playing the game again without any further issues, though not all.

Sorry if you are one of those few who still cannot play or unaware of what CCP is doing about it.

I hope you feel better soon.


You seem to have misunderstood my point I am still playing although being in the east coast I was affected pretty badly. In fact I’ve been playing for 13 years. I don’t believe any communication was made about compensation, so why would I trust them to do it right? Zero communication is the issue.

To mister Piotr why would you start with why are you still here? did I mention I was quitting or anything?

Why would you be compensated? The DDoS was not CCPs responsibility. They were the victims of the attack. What would you be compensated for? Did you read the Terms of Service? Grow up manchild.


Wow! A real Eve veteran, than I do not need to explain how these things go. Since you expect things you can also expect CCP will compensate those who have been effected. They have done so before so you can expect that as well now.

If you don’t want to believe that is your choice but you will just have to wait to find out. I do know there was at least some communication somewhere about compensation being reviewed by CCP but either way we can only wait to see what if anything will be done to do that.

I agree about the lack of communication. Seems to have been a real issue especially during the early days of the DDOS attacks, chat and connectivity/server issues.

Hopefully we will find out more as the days go by.

You don’t speak for me.

If I pay for a service I expect to have that service. It’s real easy. So if my service isn’t working then I should be compensated.

It wasn’t the players fault either. Why should the players pay for a service they can’t deliver? That they add the omega time for the duration of the issues sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Though I would expect them to do that onece they sorted everything out, without those kind of threads.

Thanks I appreciate you taking the time to reply with good information. Unlike some…

No, you don’t, ■■■■ off.

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No, but you should, obviously.


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My power company has outages sometimes. I have never received a credit for those times.
My internet has gone out. Same thing.

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I think of this as a false binary. The binary being “We are owed compensation from CCP” or “We are not owed compensation from CCP”.

The real answer, I feel, is that we, and CCP are owed compensation by the person(s) responsible for the DDoS attack, but we are unlikely to be able to collect.

CCP will give us something, but it’s not something they morally owe us. Rather, it is a gesture by a victim to other victims to minimize the overall negative impact of a crime. That’s my take.


The problem is that these whiners will not even be grateful for whatever CCP offers. Obviously, CCP will do something. Then we should thank them for the gesture of goodwill and solidarity.


I don’t disagree. I don’t mean to imply you hold or held one of the binary positions I mentioned, either. I am more just making commentary on what I think is a misunderstanding that originates sentiments like those expressed in this thread.

Or already did… Current discounts might be a way to compensate. After all, 25% off one month of Omega is about a week of play.