DDoS Compensation announced in The Pulse - 2020-02-21

Well, they have released an updated Pulse video to announce a few things - including the compensation for the recent issues.

Ironically, there seems to be an issue with clicking on the link in the launcher and getting connected so here is the direct link in case you want to watch it:

If you only want the summary on the compo it is: log in any time between 24th Feb & 9th March to receive 100k SPs for Alpha clones and 350k SPs for Omegas.

Personally, I’m just glad they got it sorted so the SPs are a bonus but I know a lot of you will want to express your opinions on this so… here’s a thread for it, knock yourselves out :rofl:


I’m cool with free SP. Not sure it’s warranted, seeing as characters kept on training regardless of connection issues, but it sure is nice to have free skill points. No complaints.


I really respect the fact that you are not going to be taking the compensation. It would be horrible for you to profit off of something that was totally not CCP’s fault.

AS told others in one thread, CCP has a history of doing right by the player base when it comes to compensation for unexpected downtime. This is generous as you pointed out due to the skill training system. That being said I do not read the forums a whole lot, so did any alliance lose much space due to lack of pilot response during the DDoS?

Being able to train isn’t the problem here. Paying for game time for a game that you couldn’t play or properly play was. The proper compensation would to have been add X number of days to Omega accounts that were subbed during the outage, but this is prob fine for most people.

To note, it is indeed CCP’s fault. Any online service should have redundancy and procedures in place for attacks of this nature. It’s just part of running an online business.


It’s really not good compensation for those who couldn’t play for almost 2 weeks, though. I don’t give a crap about a paltry amount of heavily devalued SP; how about omega time for almost 2 weeks of not being able to play on multiple accounts, while enemies in current wars (from the other side of the world) could play without issues and cause tons of extra problems? Not only did they undo weeks+ of sov work on top of the outage time, but they ALSO get the same compensation as I do even though they could play just fine.

On top of that, because its only 100k for Alpha and 350k for omega, I guarantee any of the Omegas I had that couldn’t play, and I let expire since then (read: almost all of my accounts) won’t even get the 350k even though I was paying to not play during the issues. That’s another issue of them taking so long to do anything and then splitting rewards based on account state. Also, that’s not even as much as they give away in their boost-login-metrics events, so SP isn’t even much of a compensation anymore.

This reinforces my decision not to renew, and I’m sure it will for a lot of other people too. I mean, it basically shows that we can expect to not be able to play for weeks at a time whenever there are ::issues::. On top of CCP’s incredibly poor decisions on other matters lately, they’re going to lose a lot more people.


Mmmm SP :slight_smile:

People who couldn’t bot their sub crying for Omega Time.

Reason 435290872530497524039875304978 to have left Blackout in place.

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Very little SP !
No Omega-Time !
And there are still people who are not even able to connect to the game !

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The funniest part of your idiotic post is that most of the heaviest botting areas of the world weren’t even affected by most of this. REEEE.


Yeah don’t get this mixed up with “Urmigurd no local”. No local is a non-issue, hell it even can make things more fun. The problem is if you were in X countries you didn’t have local while others did and got randomly disconnected all the time. Some outright couldn’t connect without a VPN service.

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CCP does not control the internet. To mitigate this sort of attack requires one to control who can access the internet. Once the target has received the DDoS packets from the attacker, which is the first opportunity to respond, the damage has already been done. All they can do is contact and coordinate with their provider to identify and block the individual computers participating in the attack one by one, or block entire branches all at once if they want to improve conditions quickly.

The fault lies with the attacker. A single shard universe is going to necessarily have the Achilles heel that you only need target one server to bring down the entire universe. A single company can’t control the entire internet or have a backup internet when the first one fails. There was never anything wrong with TQ. The route to TQ was, for whatever reason, blocked or degraded into unusability by an attacker.

We ask for compensation from CCP because they are identifiable. You can point to them, you know who they are, and you can speak to them. The responsible party is anonymous, and we can’t ask them for anything or hold them responsible for anything. People who are wronged do like to see heads roll, or recompense paid, but too often in our history it’s innocent people who pay the price. Burn a witch and the people in Salem feel better, but it is not justice to demand the sacrifice an innocent to satisfy feelings of fear or injustice, however justified those feelings are.


Perhaps, for the duration of the DDoS attacks, CCP should also reconsider its inflexible “strict policy” of not replacing any modules that dropped from lost ships and weren’t recovered by the player. Personally, It was impossible to log back in any time soon after and following sleep, work, downtime etc. any expensive modules were gone.

How about it CCP?

This is where the failure occurred. The provider that they contracted to supply service failed to have measures in place to protect it’s customer. From the player customer standpoint this is a failure upon CCP to either have redundant providers to the effected areas or security measure in place to proactively protect against DDOS surges. The attacker in large is at fault of course, but as a paying customer the expectation of continued service is there from the subscribed game.

Due to the 24/7 nature of eve online’s SoV there were some players that were disproportionally effected and enemies that fully took advangate of it (as they should).


Oh that’s right, because only certain countries bot…

I could not log on on multiple days I played and had 4 omega accounts running. I would rather get that omega time back.

Also is it isn’t “free SP” or a “bonus” if it is a compensation for a service they couldn’t deliver.


I’m just here to watch entitled kids whine.
Thanks for a 350,000 SP, that’s a solid amount.


On the video , Dopamine said 100K for alpha and 3xxK for omega but the window reward shows 1 million for alpha and something like 2 millions for omega .

Verba volant, scripta manent !!!


Bye !

100,000 SP for Alpha
250,000 SP for Omega

Omegas get both rewards…

Are just people not able to do math or something? Like, come on.

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