This may seem petty . . .however what will be done to compensate players for loss of game time? So far it’s five day of not being able to connect and play? Are we out of that time forever? Will be compensated at all?

What about events that we have not been able to participate in or ask that we have missed out on. Will CCP look at what we average per day and essentially pay us what we have lost?

Not trying to be petty . . . but it seems as though there were no issues with my credit card being charged yet I’m not able to access content that has been paid for.


umm, no

It’d be a nice gesture, but unfortunately with subscription based services it’s very difficult to quantify what people have lost. And it all becomes quite subjective. There’ll also be some fineprint in the contract talking about downtime and what’s reasonable and what you agree to concede to CCP’s service.

In the past they given out skill points for free as a form of compensation. This is a neat move because it costs them nothing and it’s easy to implement.


I would think it would be easy to quantify the number of days you can log in. they should add omega time on a day for day basis for everyday that we couldn’t log in.

Also…I’m afraid including “not trying to be petty” in a statement does not immunize that statement from being petty.

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This, I’d say 95% chance we get some SP for this.

There are plenty of people that can log in just fine at the moment though, the 4-5 day stretch isn’t happening for everyone playing EVE, so there really is no easy way for them to figure that out.

They generally do an “everyone gets X SP” for the trouble though, which is more than they have to do. Sometimes things happen.

I mean, even if you played usually a full 24 hours a day, 5 days of compensation is $2.50…and I’m sure you don’t play 24 hours a day. So yeah…it does seem petty :smiley:

A good compensation I’d say is to revive the old style of PVE events. I fondly remember the Rogue drone event, you get lots of accelerators and skins for all kinds of ships, and the rewards are fair for the level of space, highsec got accelerators and good skins every once awhile, lowsec got it frequently, and nullsec very frequently.

A permanent PVE event such as that, alternating between different faction themes every month or two, would be a great replacement for the now nerfed to the ground EC, and so long as servers are up, extra fun for players.

(I will be making this post into a thread, I like the concept)

Fedo’s in the redeeming system for eveyone.


Please file tickets regarding any Billing matters you may have. The Forums will not have the answer you are seeking unless made as an Official announcement by CCP.


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