Do us right cpp

all players should be given one months play time for free for these issues going on 2 weeks now and most people run more then one account so show us you really care and make this right as a bizz owner we accept the responsibly for our companies and as a paying player of your company I would expect you guys to make it right not just for me but the total player base if I see this from you I will be fine with things if not people should read the small print and mabe talk to people higher up as a way to recover our costs we give you real money every month spends thousands on plex this is the least you guys can do so do the right thing thanks

Spotted the person behind it with their 200 SP farms wanting pure profit.

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So your couldnt play the game for a few days, give it a rest its not like the world ended.

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Hard to say who would have logged in. And while I am sure that CCP will give some sort of compensation, it won’t, and shouldn’t be a month free game time. Look some shinny new skill points.
I know that some one will say something about money for time they couldn’t login but again that is hard to determine even by seeing if an account was able to connect. Some people were unable to connect but the game was unplayable while others had little issues.

CCP could use a little good PR after a fiasco like this, but I honestly don’t feel they ‘need’ to compensate for it beyond extending any affected Omega accounts by 10 days or so.

Maybe extend the Skilling Spree by a week but even that’s not a necessity.

They would be better off cooking up an interesting, fun, playable event as a way of saying “Sorry for providing over a week of bad service, here’s a cool new event for you to play!”. Not sure ‘cool new events’ are still something they can pull off though… the past year and more don’t look that way.


“My taxes pay your wages, pig”

Grow up and piss off. But piss off first

Wouldn’t be surprised if some free sp gets handed out.

Giving out free SP’s as apology / compensation for bugged server doesn’t have the same impact now as it did years ago. Especially since CCP constantly gives out free SP’s to boost log-in numbers almost on a monthly basis now.

Yes, the recent log-in / chat problems have been happening long term now so I think something other than free skill-points would be more appropriate.

So yeah, I agree with the OP in saying game time should be added to player accounts. However I don’t agree with 1 month’s worth of game time being added, in my opinion 2 weeks worth of Omega time is fair. Also the only accounts who should receive that compensation would be those with active Omega status during that time period.

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