this morning I logged in on the game. I took out the Orca to mine. But as for quite some time now our system in HS is invaded by bots.
So I have thanks to the total inactivated CCP to disconnect me and change the game.
At the same time, I cut my subscription. I do not want to pay for not being able to play.
30 belts in the system, all depleted…
Several weeks that CCP no longer takes any action against bots that rot the game economy and gameplay.

It’s time to strike.
I have cut my subscription and I invite all those who are tired of the inactivity of ccp to do the same.

Bye then

I mean its not like CCP regularly posts blogs about the number of accounts banned for this sort of thing :stuck_out_tongue:

false advertising.
just come play to see the truth. and the truth is not the one that ccp is advertising.

Lol you must be dense if you think the bots didn’t pay for their new char/ship and profit greatly by the time they were banned. Rinse and repeat.

the bots do not pay. they use free accounts with fleets of 10-20 apocalypse and miasmos.
they play for free and win billion per day.

I am agreeing with you. :roll_eyes:
I was replying to the other guy.

clearly you have tried nothing and are all out of ideas, the only option is to rage quit. can I haz your stuff.

Lol what’s stuff worth again nowadays? Two days of super botting for a two year old player’s net worth?

I mean if they are whining about belt mining in HS, not a whole hell of a lot. probably like an hour or two of putzing around. but its the principle of the thing.

That’s eyewash for the uneducated.

Arbitrary numbers without something to compare them with.

Here are some important questions regarding those numbers: Security Update - Q2 2018
Of course they are still not answered by CCP and you can guess the reason. It would show how less CCPs efforts against botting truly are.

I did more than all since 7 years for clearing syteme where i leave.
7 years i kick bots!

some of my pots:

the last month ticket for bots:

pic can’t work but 7 tickets only for bots last 3 weeks.
i don’t ragequit. i stop pay for nothing.

If you’ve noticed bots in game, report them using the correct tools.

Don’t rant on the forums, it’s against the rules.