Why dev block us ? players vs bots

We tried to find a solution because ccp do nothing.

we pay a subscription and can not play.
CCP prefers to punish us rather than bot.
a month of ingame report of a fleet of 20 bots and ccp does nothing.

all posts dealing with the subject are closed inappropriately

ccp, close this post does not show anything else your weakness is doing to the bots

Grow a pair or a brain, or both and bump them out of your system.

the new bots use free account with apocalypse. impossible to kick out

Multiple alpha accounts? THIS is not allowed…

bot not allowed, multi free account not allowed. and this fleet do it since 1 momnth.

Every week or so. There is always that one person thinking that opening a closed thread is somehow productive.


Don’t re-open locked topics.

It’s against the rules.