You can bot, is free with CCP

Maybe you idea not good ?

Ah yes, it’s these guys again

And they still haven’t gotten banned, how obvious does it have to be?

I mean, on the one hand, he is right; bots are (supposedly) disallowed. CCP should take action. But seeing as they haven’t, he has other means at his disposal, and instead of using them, he pisses and moans about how CCP isn’t doing anything.

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Maybe yes, maybe no, but you are not a noob, act and don’t wait for CCP to fix everything.

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Because ccp protect bots for the economy.

Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t. Maybe, due to the sheer amount of bots that have been cropping up lately, they are simply overwhelmed and are having trouble getting to reports in a timely manner. Whatever the reason, CCP hasn’t fixed your problem yet. So, in lieu of that, consider other options. This is a matter that can be easily (and more importantly, legally) handled in-game. So do that until CCP does something, or if they don’t, keep doing it until you’re satisfied that the problem is solved. Just don’t break the EULA. Two breaks of the EULA do not equal an obedience of the EULA

Bots bring in good $$$. They’re more reliable than humans.

Keep on the good work.

this is 8 years that is the oprobleme is present in this system
8 years…
Each month new bots come, each month i pay 15e.

And after all this years what CCP doing ? Nothing… Bots everywhere.

If you want to kick bot you lose playtime.

The problem is not all the bots. The problem is : What CCP do vs bots ?

If CCP ban all bots permanently logged in players will drop by at least 10k. Then that juicy 200 million extra cash may take flight.

Ostensibly, they ban them. That’s what they say they do. And perhaps they will do it, if they have any fernite carbide left in their balls. But what we’re trying to tell you is that there are players who will happily do this for you, that you can contact and they will come and solve this problem for you, because it makes them giggle, and it won’t cost you any playtime. Or do what the guy below me said, that’s also a fantastic idea.

Create a thread and invite people to a gank fleet. You’ll have plenty of positive responses.

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Is it a 3day ban, or a perma ban?

Man not content… no, bot harm the game, I agree that some people want an immediate response from their bot report cause they don’t understand that dealing with them is a long term issue,( y know, let the small fish go to catch the big one) but say it’s content is a completely nonsense

Problem not solving itself by camouflaging it …
players should not need to intervene if ccp was doing their job

If you gank them they become content.

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he bot h24 since weeks…

This is true, you are absolutely correct! But clearly, they’re not. So now it falls to us, the players, to solve it our way, and hope that’s enough.

You are distorting the matter in question , they are not content, y can gank them as y can gank any ship y like, that don’t make it content

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As much as I disrespect CODE that almost made me create a ganking alt and join them. Then look for OP…

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