Bots at jita stealling lot

Just watching a macgybo video. And hes been robbed of loot on a number of kills by bots.
Ccp must b seeing this why are then not doing anything?
Ganking is legal but bot looting thats so depressing.

How do you know they’re bots?

I dont but they sure look like it

He barely had a chance to scoop any wrecks at all

i did a lot of station games (suspect baiting ) in my “EVE life”
one of the things i dislike is that usually you cant outrun the mobile tractor units and miss the loot
i think they changed it a little because i notice less of them nowadays
anyway i don’t like it
a smart fast frigate picking your loot is kinda fine but the tractor thing is F up

btw they need to change 0 damage killmail and loot worthy , you can shot a dude out of your range , make 0 damage ,ruin a solo kill AND get the loot

Okay. There are definitely bots in this game, however, it’s clear that some people assuming botting/macros when they really don’t have enough evidence. And, I know this, because people have accused me of botting or using macros. So, let me say that you should not underestimate other player skill levels, or their willingness to play for long periods of time.

Now, CCP doesn’t act on player reports alone. So, you should still report suspected bots. However, it is a mistake to assume that CCP is not doing anything about bots. For one, the need to manually investigate every report slows the process down (it is necessary, however, as turds would otherwise be trying to get their enemies banned through bad faith reports). And two, the simple fact of the matter is that players sometimes make mistakes when it comes to identifying bots.

And, hopefully CCP will continue to improve their detection methods so that they can move more quickly without compromising their error rate.


They use jitalootbot 1.3.1 and you should too!

I can’t confirm or deny people opened tickets about this, CCP investigated and apparently they couldn’t find that juicy proof.

How can we create hard proofs on them?
I’m interested in removing those bots in the Wreathes, they have around 22k ehp, need a lot of thrashers to one shot them… kinda 16 t1 alpha thrasher pilots.

Who’s in for that?
We could gank them all everyday, e-ve-ry-day.

We can try with Catalysts too, but there is a chance the bot will dock… 9 T1 Catalysts if they don’t dock.

I also suspect botting there, specifically yesterday the loot from the shuttle I ganked was taken so fast that the wreck appeared empty immediately. Ie. I thought the shuttle was empty by looking at the grid. Then I saw in killmail there were skins worth over 1bil.

I don’t even know who took it whether it was some ninja looter in frigate (there were some yesterday) or it were those three haulers that belongs to one of the tornado gankers. It is these three haulers that are the most suspicious, as they are there 24/7 wiithout any break. Even when that guy clearly is afk and there aren’t any of his nados on the grid. But if they loot automatically, which I didn’t really notice, then they have scripted minimum price of the cargo to pick up as not just any wreck is scooped.

Try bumping them away and see if they get back to position. Also scan their fits and see if ganking them is a viable option.

They will go back, but that is not a sign of botting, they are approaching a bookmark, which will not be canceled even when they reach 0km out of it.

Didn’t say it implies botting, I use that method myself on my Jita alt, just suggested to try it to see if that helps the situation in case they are stationary.

Everyone who kills me is a hacker. Everyone who does stuff I can’t compete with, mostly because I’m not good enough, is a bot.



Not sure why you immediately jump to botting instead of assuming they are loot ninjas with some skill. Using shortcuts this takes almost no time at all.

If you truly believe it report it but it’s no different that the people who accuse Macgybo of RMT because they don’t believe anyone could be so stupid to move skins or plex in a shuttle.

We have had players in my corp moving lsi’s ! :rofl::rofl:

I witnessed today that the owner of those 3 Wreathes got his loot stolen by someone in Praxis. Unless that Praxis was also related to him, then he is probably not botting the looting part of the gank.

It is likely, that the reason he has those Wreathes afk there is exactly so ppls thinks he is botting and therefore doesn’t compete against him :wink:

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