Simple fix to loot theft. There are many bots along every system scooping loot, and most have played for at least 12 years on that account

Just make all criminal wrecks normal looting rights (alliance/corp and fleet members can loot), and make it so you have to hack into suspect wrecks like the relic sites. Simple fix to an issue that has been going on for 12 years, according to the bots play times. I know they’re bots because I was able to bait them with self destructing t1 indys, 23/7 on, and they don’t respond to convos. If you ban them they can come back in less than 30 seconds, so a permanent solution is needed. The proper mechanics will still apply: abandoned wrecks are still accessible. I see no downsides to this change.


Imagining the fallout from a change like this makes me smile.


I am so confused. What?

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Something about hacking wrecks instead of just looting them. Also, something about “bots” that make the OP sad.

Yeah but what’s the context?

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I think when you gank a ship the loot should go directly into your hangar in Jita.


More chaos.



I am guessing someone scooped sieverts gank loot before he could scoop it

thread title * simple-fix-to-loot-theft-there-are-many-bots-along-every-system-scooping-loot-and-most-have-played-for-at-least-12-years-on-that-account*

if botters get banned over and over i am sure it will be the account that’s banned not just the character also how do you know its the same person beating you to the loot it could just be a bunch of random bottom feeders.

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No corporations or alliances starting with “The New World Vultures” were found.

ahahaha another Sievert cry!

It’s simple; Move off the 4-4 undock and dont be trash


Too much work, when u gank the loot should automatically be sold and ISK transferred to your wallet.

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So wait wut?

He ganked someone and then when someone else stole the stuff that dropped he is angry.

I’m I reading that right ?

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He is a crybaby.

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Those loot scooping bots are code’s main source of income so it’s doubtful they would ever get banned.

Wait, she is a ganker?

You should be ashamed oft yourself OP. What a goofus.

It’s Sievert Solutions aka Prion Solutions aka LowPower Solutions aka NoPower Solutions aka the guy behind such great posts as:

I kicked him out of CODE, because we actually do have standards of conduct (which are almost impossible to fail), and constantly crying in local is definitely a no-no.

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Wow that guy’s a breathing gold salt-mine :open_mouth:

Ah are you Sieverts alt , definitely butthurt about something

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