Four Freedoms Firework exploit and other broken items

CCP is still crap. The four freedoms firework can be used to easily exploit. All you have to do is set a killright on you for 300m, buy all of 30m worth of them, put them in a nereus and wait. Cafgo scan will show 12-15 Bil! For 12 mil in items? When is this going to get fixed? Can I get my gank ships wasted reimbursed and sec status reversed? How the ■■■■ can anyone gank when every ■■■■■■■ time ccp adds a new item they set the estimated value to 200x the price of,the item??? Fix your ■■■■■■■ game.

Also lol


Tell me how I can do that in the 3 second window I have to fire. And then i’ll delete this post.

Nah you should just delete it anyway because you dont know how the in game valuation works.

Or to scan em ahead of your gank window.

can i send you my paypal to pay for the 2 extra alt’s i’d need subbed.

Why would I be paying for your terribad attempt at ganking?

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I’ve destroyed over 100 bil while ganking so far. THIS EXPLOIT, hasn’t been in the game for more than a day before (glamorex booster) but ccp can’t even fix the ■■■■■■■ estimated price.


Its not often I find some one more pathetic in this game than me lol


I don’t understand what you are smoking, meth or cocaine. This is a bug. and using a bug to scam is an exploit. fullstop.

Stop, Im actually about to ■■■■ myself laughing


Is this actually an exploit, or are you confusing estimated value and actual value?


Ok, What i’m saying is If there is no way to get actual value from a normal without a. 20 second evepraidl when stop is moving by, you can’t rley on that and must use Aest Value

This is genius. Give whoever figured this out a medal.


The funniest part really is that this was the free item literally everyone got.

And its a firework lol


lmao, damn youre dumb op :sweat_smile:


Imagine that, a ganker complaining about a situation not being stacked in their favour.

This is the sweetest salt.

You got played. It is amazing. That player deserves a medal.


wow… stop it. You are giving people that actually gank a bad rep here.

Never use the estimated value.

Eve appraise that stuff. Or use a a friend to scan for you if you dont have an alt, work as a team, scan and gank. Otherwise you gank alone and take the hits whenever they come.

On that note, if you need to mine to replace your gank ship, I sell ore strip miners in jita you can buy to really mine well.


Failed ganker tears best tears? :rofl:


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I’m still just astounded that a ganker…

A ganker.

A ganker wants CCP to do something to eliminate risk for them and protect their income, in an activity where they’re literally stealing from someone who’s effectively defenceless.

I want this thread pinned to the top of the forum. It’s beautiful.

Calm down, ganker.


The estimated value is always going to be dodgey when it comes to new items.

Lesson learned.

He wasn’t autopiloting then?

This all seems to have worked out well.