CCP, make up your minds please

So i had a ship destroyed by an exploit and after opening a ticket my ship and destroyed modules and cargo was returned, however the rest of my cargo was not, so im down a billion ISK and a day wasted sorting it out, and the guy who utilises the poor server architecture and game breaking mechanics is walking round totally unhindered with a free month of game time. All for an issue which i had no control over and no ability to prevent.

I’ve lost many ships in this game and if its my mistake its all good, but you cant admit responsibility by refunding some of my stuff and then tell me to go whistle for the bulk of it.

And no, noone can haz my stuff, ive already been taxed by CCCP thanks :smiley:

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You can try to put even more ‘and’ in one sentence to make it even less human readable, you know?

This is because they have to assume that the things that dropped are still in the game. If they were to create them anew for you, they’d be influencing the in-game economics too much and this would probably have people just waiting for opportunities to “become victims of exploits”, have their friends loot their wreck and basically scam CCP with module-doubling.

Depending what exactly happened, you may ask CCP to have the stuff taken away form the other player and given back to you.


by your reasoning CCP would have to give HK their Keepstar back

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anything that drops in the wreck isnt returned as they expect you or someone to loot it, so if you didn’t get to it then your out of luck

Agondray above explained why your stuff was returned with some items missing. As this answers your question I’ll go ahead and close this.

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