CCP Buyback of 'disabled by CONCORD' items, when?

I see threads dating back to 2018, almost 5 years now. I returned to EVE after some time away due to a new career, to find that several Billion in silos and arrays had been disabled. I have not been compensated for these. That is a huge game impacting blow.

When you have been in EVE since 2003 and have been actively involved in weaving the fabric of history in EVE as I have, these career long accomplishments being wiped out overnight is a big deal. I have submitted a request to support but I don’t have high hopes.

If you have any experience with this issue or knowledge please comment.


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If you owned the assets id understand, but why comp you for something you dont own :stuck_out_tongue: when its no longer in service

:clap: for getting the petition in before CONCORD dissolution.

Because games are not allowed to change and update while people are away right?

People were warned that things were changing. Did you expect a private phone call?

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story arcs.
Making us work for it (whatever it is) is the theme of this last fanfest.
I like that investment in heavy infrastructure depreciated badly.
The house always wins, except when it does not.

I do seem to recall it being said at the time (of the rise of the citadels) that old POS kit that was made useless would be refunded by CCP, I may be mistaken in that though.


I remember something being said along those lines too. The fact is those guys (like those days) are gone. Sixty odd percent employee replacement and no formal record of public statements made means legacy structure owners are still holding the can. Institutional inequity.
I would settle for a good reprocessing deal.


Like my original post says, I own like 3 billion worth of now disabled items. You must not be playing with a full deck if you read that I didn’t own any. lol

You do realize with what you just responded with has no relation to anything I responded to you with about crying on the forums?

But suddenly your general cluelessness makes sense.

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I was referring to the fact you dont “own” anything in eve online. Ccp does. And they have no obligation to comp you for something that was changed while you were gone

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