Safety, should it not be called log of and never cone back

when leaving the game! The user should be notified if in NULL sec your assets will be deemed NOT retrievable since EVE will place them in a gankers paradise. i woke up, felt like omega my chars again. But no! 10 of billions ISK out of reach. only ways to start up again is to by omega and sell it for isk to get ■■■■ back,

this needs to be changed !!!
When something is forcefully removed from you by the game mechanics which cost you RL value and also and placed oin location you can not retrieved. CCP must compensate the player in RL currency and or equal ant “omega” based on the current market value.

that is my suggestion

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Yes, that makes perfect sense to me. Why should CCP profit from in-game items that rightfully belongs to the players? They paid for the items didn’t they?

Others will say: All items in the game are property of CCP and I can also understand that point of view but if that’s the case, those items ought to be provided to the players along with an Omega subscription without further charges.

Taking items hostage from players because they need a break just reeks of shady and inappropriate practice.

Permit me now to sidetrack a little and ask, if you’re not coming back, do you think you could give me some of your stuff and maybe some isk to hold me over until I get into a Hecate or something? I’m a new player and certainly could use a little boost from a fellow capsuleer.
Thank you in advance.


because they do belong to CCP… its in the TOS

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It’s just another troll.

Closing for below. If you want to make a thread to discuss the aspects of Asset Safety, that’s fine but don’t rant or flame.

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